Help You Lose WeightGood nutrition is essential not only for a healthy, happy body, but also for achieving fitness goals in the gym. Most of us know we should never exercise on an empty stomach – but not many people know that the types of foods and supplements we reach for pre-session can fuel and boost a workout in a positive way. Take a look at our pick of the best pre-workout fodder – and why each is the perfect choice to optimize your routine.

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High-protein dairy

Dairy gets a bad press these days, but it’s a good source of protein, fat and calcium if you make the right choices. Greek yogurt for example has double the amount of protein of regular yogurt but is low in sugar. Cottage cheese is another fantastic high-protein dairy product which can be coupled with egg whites or chicken for a potent pre workout nutrition hit. If you’re not a fan of yogurt or cheese, you could use whole milk with a protein shake to get the added dairy boost your body is craving. In recent studies, milk was actually shown to hydrate the body and replenish electrolytes more efficiently than water – so it’s also great to have handy post-workout too.

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Humble oats are actually one of the top pre workout nutrition choices for those looking to get more out of their gym session. They are high in fiber and release carbohydrate steadily, so you can maintain a good level of exercise and increase your stamina simply by having a bowl of porridge or some flapjack before you hit the gym.

A good-quality pre-workout supplement

Whatever your gender, age and goals, supplementing the nutrients and minerals you get from your diet with a specially-formulated pre-workout product tailored to you depending on the above specifications. These products have been tried and tested in labs and by real people in the gym to gain proven results – so if you feel like you need that extra push, muscle support or a little bit more energy before you work out, a supplement is definitely for you. They come in a range of forms and flavors – from shakes and fruit drink mixes to gels and tablets – so there’s something for everyone. They’re also perfect if you’re busy or on the go and don’t have time to make your pre-workout snack from scratch. Shop with Supps R Us for online supplements and you’ll likely save some money too!

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Lean Protein

Eating lean meat or animal products such as egg whites, grilled chicken or white fish provides lean, good-quality protein for efficient muscle repair. They are also easily digestible – so you won’t feel full and sluggish after eating whilst you’re working out.

Bananas and dried fruit

When it comes to fruit, these are the top of the table pre-workout. Fruit is a fantastic source of quick-release energy just before your workout – so it naturally gives you the drive to go that extra mile. Bananas especially have this fast-release carbohydrate shot and also contain potassium to aid muscle function – dried fruit is also a good source of rapid-release carbohydrate and fiber. Smoothies are a great way to get nutrient-dense hit you need just before heading to the gym – because they are a concentrated blend of several different types of fruit. Make a smoothie using bananas, nuts or nut butter, seeds and protein powder for a potent pre-workout combination.