While winter is still being temperamental, many of us can see the beginnings of spring. This means preparing our homes for warm weather, and finally being able to open the windows and clean the yard. Gather your gardening gloves and step out into the sun because spring has sprung, and it is time to wake up your front yard.

Out with the Old

When you get back into yard work after a long winter, the first task you are going to undertake is to prune away any dead or damaged branches from your trees or bushes. These are common as your plant life is damaged during the winter due to severe cold and snow. Use shears or a handsaw to remove these damaged limbs to help get your yard growing and glowing once again.

Next, look at your grass and any perennials or ornamental grass. Prune any brown or yellow grass, damaged from the woes of winter, at least four to five inches to help it find new growth in the warm weather. If you have anything new and green, remove the dead plant life and allow young ones to grow.

Clean Beds and Borders

As you make room for new plant life to bloom in the spring, make sure you are cleaning away the debris around the border of your yard as well as your flower bed. Rack fallen leaves pull tired flowers, and any other dead foliage and even mulch from the previous season. Keeping this damaged debris around means hurting the growth of new plants and smothering those currently growing.

Promote New Garden Growth

After you’ve cleared the damage away, add fresh, new soil and fertilizer in your garden. If you checked on your soil in the autumn, see if it is balanced and where you can go from there. Healthy soil is enjoyed by all new plants and flowers, whether you need several bags or a new top layer to get things going. Be sure to test your soil before you plant bulbs or seeds to make sure you’ll see precious green sprouts in a few weeks.

Recycle and Reuse

Keep your organic yard waste in a wheelbarrow, which can later be used as compost. Your yard waste can be put to a second, much better use as compost for your home. This includes leaves, cuttings, spent flowers, and the previous year’s mulch. You may also use wood chips or branches if they are no larger than half an inch in diameter.

Remember, do not add any early spring weeds that have already gone to see, as they may simply sprout instead of ‘cooking’ with the compost.

Spring Cleaning Inside and Out

Once you’ve finished the yard, remember that spring cleaning is more than a family chore – it is a way to clear your mind and represents a new start. Choose a dumpster rental to get rid of larger items in your house that you’ve been itching to get rid of as well as trash from your yard. Get rid of all the clutter and get ready for a new season of growth and sunshine.


  1. Really cool article, one thing is for certain I don’t think we really realize how much needs to be cleaned up after a winter. Even if things haven’t been moved around there is always dead branches or junk which has weathered. Personally it’s best to rent a dumpster and get it done yourself over a few days.

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