Pretty Beaded Bracelet Designs

Pretty Beaded Bracelet Designs

I love pretty beaded bracelet designs that can be imitation or real crystals, diamonds or anything else pretty and shiny.  My tastes are pretty simple, but I still want things that are pretty not plain.  It’s just that when you are a SAHM or WAHM, you can get out of the habit of dressing up and wearing your cute jewelry.  I am sure I am not the only mom who wears their yoga pants (and I have never done a day of yoga in my life) to the grocery store while wearing their flip flops!  I think because I can go several days without going anywhere that I resigned myself to wear my comfy clothes all day. I forget that not only does it make me feel better to wear some cute clothes, but I am sure my husband would prefer it as well.

There is a great new company in the UK by the name of Cutey.  I bet you can tell from their name what their product line looks!  They make the most adorable charm and Shambella bracelets (as shown in the picture above) that are full of colorful and unique designs.  Although they are based in the UK, Cutey ships worldwide and for your convenience, you can find a calculator to help you determine the shipping to where you live, which are reasonable.  Cutey was formed in 2011 with the goal of offering pretty and customizable jewelry pieces for their customers.  Each bracelet is made with high quality materials yet they are quite affordable, which is nice for a change!  You can purchase a pre-made bracelet from their online store or you can send an email and they can help you design a bracelet specifically for you.

Cute Adjustable Bracelet

I was able to receive two of the Shamballa bracelets ($29.38 USD), which are a cute adjustable bracelet.  What I love about these bracelets is that you can adjust the size so it can fit my wrist of if my daughter wants to borrow it (or steal it in my case), with the pull of the strings, the bracelet will then fit a smaller wrist.  Each bead has a ton of crystals on them and they are perfect for dressing up or dressing down.  I love the thought process of the creators when they wrote o the online store, “Wear it with your tomboy scruffs to remind you that sometimes – just sometimes – it’s good to be girly”.  That statement fits perfectly into my lifestyle and I can at least make my yoga pants and flip flops look a little better when I am wearing my awesome pink Shamballa bracelet!

One reader will receive (3) Shamballa bracelets ($29.38 each for a total of $88.14)

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