Pretty Pet Duvet Covers

Pretty Pet Duvet Covers

If we can have a beautiful place to sleep, I think we should provide pretty pet duvet covers for our furry babies!  Our cats, Hazel Fantazel and Meap the Narcoleptic cat, have no limits as to where they will sleep.  With Hazel weighing in at over 12 pounds, it is almost like a bad joke…where does the fattest cat in the world sleep?  Anywhere she wants!!!  With Meap being a narcoleptic cat, she sleeps anywhere when the narcolepsy takes over.  Meap has fallen asleep in the middle of eating or just walking down the hallway of the house.  It is really funny!  Ringo is more selective about where he sleeps.  He has a favorite blanket that he takes into his crate at night and he pretty much sleeps there.  Occasionally he will sleep at the foot of the couch or bed, depending on where I am sitting.  He is a very good pup.  I wanted duvet covers for the pets so they could have a pretty place to lay their head down.

Molly Mutt is the best website for finding beautiful designer fabrics which are made into the most wonderful duvet or crate covers.  The DIY bed kits, which come with a mesh stuff sack and a duvet cover, are such a clever idea because you can have one for home and one to travel with.  I know Ringo does not do well if we go somewhere for an overnight visit if he doesn’t have his crate.  Sometimes it just isn’t feasible to take his crate, so the DIY kit is perfect to travel with so Ringo has a familiar place to sleep that is easily transportable.  What is really great is Molly Mutt gives you the opportunity to be kind to our planet by encouraging you to either cover your old pet bed with one of the Molly Mutt duvets or fill it with old towels, blankets, etc.  What a fantastic idea!!  The outdoor duvets are made with a waterproof fabric and have a durable zipper and are washable!  This is perfect for Ringo to lie out on the deck when we are outside.

Ringo's Outdoor Bed

Stylish Cat Beds

Since my cats are like most, pretty opinionated and regal, they would not accept anything less than stylish cat beds!!  I love, love, love all of the duvets on Molly Mutt, but I chose two that worked best for us, our pets and our décor!  The Molly Mutt outside dog bed we reviewed for Ringo was the Country Roads pattern for medium sized dogs  (he is 16 pounds), which with its neutral stripes fits into any color scheme.  It is so well made and durable, even if Ringo were to get rough and tumble with it, the Molly Mutt duvet would hold up fine.  The Molly Meow cat duvet ($20.00) Your Hand in Mine pattern, is absolutely beautiful with its aqua and chocolate brown pattern.  This duvet has the sturdy zipper, is made of a durable fabric and has gussets and piping like the outdoor duvet for Ringo.  For Ringo’s duvet, we got the stuff sack and filled it with some old blankets, which were perfect for his duvet.  For the cat’s duvet, we used old towels that we no longer use, which were perfect for their duvet. I could not get Ringo to behave for a picture with his duvet, but Hazel Fantazel was more than happy to pose for a picture on her new bed!  We love our Molly Mutt duvets and I cannot wait to get my hands on a crate cover for my handsome Ringo!

One reader will win a Molly Mutt Outdoor Dog Duvet (from $25.00-$50.00) of their choice of size and pattern, depending on availability of stock or a Molly Meow Cat Duvet ($20.00)in their choice of square or round and pattern, depending on availability.

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