Pretty Tutu

Pretty Tutus sent me a Hybrid KM tutu– apple green, hot pink, purple, and turquioise to review. This tutu was perfectly made! I absolutely loved working with the owner of Pretty Tutus! The customer service is superb! She kept me up-dated on the entire process of the tutu! I think customer service is so important. If a product is really great and the customer service isn’t, I’m not likely to return. Thankfully Pretty Tutu’s gets in A+ in both areas (product and customer service).

The Hybrid KM tutu was made from a green apple color, hot pink, purple, and turquioise tulle with a knot top tie. The tutu had a lime green bow tie on the back. My daughters, as well as myself, love the variety of bright colors. The Hybrid KM tutu was made classic hybrid which means the length is shorter and cut at an angle giving the tutu a whimsical look but shorter. It can be made as a classic tutu (short and cut straight across) or a whimsical tutu (longer, the the bottom of the tutu cut at an angle).  My daughters were absolutely in love with this tutu! I think this tutu is not only a great photo prop but also would be a super cute birthday or special occasion tutu. Of course my kids love playing daily dress up in this as well! The price of this tutu starts at $15.

Pretty Tutu’s has so many great tutus! They have a variety of colors, sizes (children- adult), and styles. They even have tutu’s for pets, which I thought was super cute! Pretty Tutu’s etsy shop as well as blog is very organized making it easy to navigate and choose what type of tutu best fits the person you are buying for. Does your child love Minnie Mouse? Pretty Tutu’s has a great Minnie Mouse tutu as well as Minnie Mouse Birthday girl invitation using a photoshop format that you can create or the owner will create for you. Talk about Minnie VIP treatment. I am so excited to have had the chance to review Pretty Tutu’s.

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