Most people are knowledgeable enough to protect their laptops or computers at home with a firewall or virus protection software. However, did you know that you need to protect your smartphone and tablet as well? Unfortunately, hackers prey on smartphone users and are constantly trying to find ways to access your financial information or private photos. How can you protect your phone from being hacked or contracting a virus or malware that could destroy your device? One way you can ensure your privacy is by downloading the proper mobile security, such as AVG’s antivirus app or a firewall tester.

Security on the Go

When it comes to mobile security, the AVG antivirus app has you completely covered. This free download offers a variety of security features that protect you from being a victim of would-be hackers. Some of the features include the ability to lock your photos from those attempt to access your private pictures. The app also gives you the ability to lock your files with a passcode, which prevents a perpetrator from being able to access your personal information.

Affordable Protection

This free antivirus app allows you to protect your phone from the moment you download the app. Over a million customers have already downloaded this mobile protection tool and are loving the benefits it brings, which in this case is a peace of mind.

Other features that you’re sure to enjoy include the Camera Trap feature. If you have a snooping family member in your home or if your phone is lost, the camera trap feature takes a photo of whoever is attempting to get into your device. After three failed sign-in attempts in a row, the App will automatically take a snapshot and send it to you via email.

Another great feature the app offers is a detailed scan of surrounding Wi-Fi connections which will warn you of weaknesses and alert you if your device and information are exposed or found vulnerable. You can also rest assured that if your phone is lost, you have the ability to lock it remotely with this amazing app.

Overall, there are many different Antivirus mobile applications available, but it is very important to choose the one that is the right fit for your device.