My sister recently took a bad tumble at work.  She slipped on some water near the stairs and fell down about half of them before she was able to stop her self.  It could have been worse, but she did suffer a broken bone in her wrist along with a pretty bad ankle sprain, and she will be unable to work for a little while.  At first, she was worried about being able to pay her bills and such while sitting at home, but then I reminded her that she hadworker’s comp insurance. Not only does Prime Insurance Agency’s plan cover her medical bills, but it is also going to give her partial compensation for her missed time at work.

We got some pretty severe hail storms last winter, so I’ve also been bugging her to make sure that her homeowners insurance is up to par.  Luckily for her, her home didn’t sustain any major damage during the winter, but our home sure did.  We had hail that came down that was bigger than a golf ball, and it completely ruined our roof.  We had to have the entire roof replaced.  The hail also put a lot dents in our siding, and one particularly huge hail stone even knocked a hole in it.  I keep telling my sister to make sure she’s covered in case it happens to her.  Just because she got lucky last winter doesn’t mean she”l have the same luck this winter.  You just never know what mother nature is going to bring each year.