Primo Water Cooler

Water Coolers for Home

At the Medeiros’ household, we love our Primo water cooler for home use. My kids drink a lot of water, and we always used to buy it by the bottle and I would put a Gerber cap on top. My kids have sippy cups that they can even fill themselves. You can tell that our water cooler is well-used and well-loved because of all the tiny little hand prints adorning the outside. Having the water so accessible and in full view reminds the kids and me that water is a healthy choice to be reached for over soda and high sugar fruit drinks. I am on the Nutrisystem diet, so it is a nice reminder to drink my water. I know our whole family has increased their daily water intake since receiving the Primo bottom loading cooler, and that is a healthy lifestyle choice.

Eco Friendly Water Dispenser

In addition to being a healthy choice for my family, having a water cooler in the house saves on waste from all those plastic water bottles we used to go through. The bottom loading cooler came with a $5 coupon off my fist bottle of water. You can purchase these at most local grocery and drug stores right near your home. This cuts down on delivery costs and everytime you bring in an old, empty Primo water bottle, you get a half-off coupon for on your next bottle. You will never have to pay full price for your water again. These days every penny counts, and the savings on the environment and my wallet is substantial with a Primo Water Cooler. This bottom loader is very handy because I don’t have to lift the heavy jug up to tip it over the top. I also do not have to worry about making a big mess and aiming. The bottom loader pipes the water up into the dispenser in either hot, icy cold, or cool/room temperature water at the touch of a button.

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