I was so excited when I finally was able to move from Blogger to WordPress! I had heard great things about WordPress-all the SEO traffic, and the shiny new sponsorships, and advertisers falling at my feet from noticing I was considering myself a serious blogger. I moved! I was excited! Rainbows and pots of Gold were headed my way! I transfered using Japster and went with GoDaddy hosting since they were “the number one hosting company in America!” HA! HA! HA! Here is my experience.

First, they are so nice! No really they are. They seemed general concerned every holiday I had to call in because my site was down. The first guy made jokes and was very lighthearted and even explained to me that I didn’t need to up my plan because I had “unlimited bandwidth” It must be an issue with Comcast. They even told me to call Comcast and get the way I went to my site rerouted which I did. On Easter. My site was still slow. I called back AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. But, they were sure nice!

One guy explained what “unlimited bandwidth” meant telling me that it was like I was a tenant in an apartment building and we all shared the same juice, so when we were all using the juice at peak times, I might experience some slowing of my website. He suggest I turn off all my plug ins! WHAT? So I can use WordPress but not all of it?? Then he told me with my current economy plan I was only allowed to have 50 people visit my site at a time! BIG problem when I am running a contest with over 3,000 comments. Go ahead CLICK IT It has tons of comments. It takes a few seconds to load, naturally, but it LOADS. With GoDaddy I had to keep all the comments in moderation because it kept shutting down my website and people could not get on it. Kind of a damper for people trying to win, especially on dial up.

So, I upgraded to UNLIMITED EVERYTHING. You know what that meant? 200 people could now visit my site at once. HA! Think that would be a problem for my upcoming ipad2 giveaway? I did too! But , hey they are #1 so they must know best. That meant I would have to go to VPS and have my own server? What I do not even have that kind of money or traffic! How could this be?

Simply Stacie said move your host…just do it…move now!! I was like well, I’ll give them another chance. It is Comcast, they are working on it, blah blah blah! She said MOVE! So, finally I moved!

  • So GLAD I did! That are cheaper!
  • They moved me for free.
  • Easy transition. They walked me through every step.
  • GoDaddy automatically refunds your money when you cancel. No questions asked.
  • I can have any amount of people visit my site I want.
  • I have unlimited space on unlimited emails now.
  • MY SITE WORKS every day!
  • Funny, HostGator’s people are nice too!

So if you are having problems with GoDaddy—–JUST MOVE! Don’t wait! Just Move! You don’t even have to go to HostGator…go anywhere! Just Go! I only had 15 minutes of downtime while my DNS updated.

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