Product Reviews and Review Sites

product review siteSeveral websites provide reviews for everything from customer satisfaction for car insurance companies, to any given consumer’s take on a movie. Some review websites have been in existence for a number of years, while others are relatively new.

What are Product Reviews?

A review of a given product is a consumer’s opinion of and experience with that product. Consumers may evaluate any given product that is available in the marketplace. Some examples of products and services review sites that are available online include:

A product review website is a valuable resource when researching product, a business or a service with the intention of purchasing the product or service. Consumer reports about their experiences with the product or service offer an unbiased view of the quality of the product or service. Online product review websites offer information that is not revealed in the product’s or company’s advertising material. When you see several instances where different consumers have had positive or negative experience with a given product or service, the validity of the reviews are established. However, as some customer experiences may be negative, yet others positive, customer reviews may range from the extremely positive to a nightmare experience.

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What are Review Websites?

Generally, sites that are review-oriented allow users to submit their own opinions and experiences with the given product or company. If a customer has had a positive experience with a given product, the review will be an overall positive one. If the customer has had a bad experience with a product or business, their experience is usually detailed in their review.

Several reputable review websites offer great information for those who wish to evaluate products or services. Generally, most review websites are free to use. These free review sites allow users to create an account and then evaluate their desired company, product or service on the site. The entry goes live, perhaps after a moderator has reviewed the entry, for the world to see.

What Makes a Good Review Website?

A good review website will provide the user with valuable information for selecting a reviewed product or service. The best review sites provide information that is not covered in other reviews. Reviews of products should contain enough information to satisfy a consumer who is researching a particular product or service. Reviews on products are often best written when the reviewer has personal experience with the product or service. However, reviewers may also write good reviews based on extensive research of the product or service. Review websites are great resources when you are considering a particular brand of product or service. Learning what others are saying about the product or service provides insight and you may learn additional features about the product or service of which you were unaware. However, only you can decide which product reviews influence you with regards to a product or service.

  • A review product is generally identified as a category in the site. For example, beauty product reviews will generally be listed according to some pre-defined categories of beauty products for users to review, such as wrinkle cream. Some sites, however, will simply include a category, such as car insurance, and allow users to enter their opinions about car insurance companies with which they have had some experience.
  • A review website may be organized as a product review blog, where the blog author offers their own reviews and insights of different products. Some review websites provide product ratings and rankings, while others simply display consumer comments. Consumer reviews provide a great insight into others’ experiences with a product when considering purchasing a certain product. Skin care product reviews may identify the most effective skin care products, as well as those that do not perform well. Product review sites offer the average consumer a way to become an educated consumer in terms of the product they are researching.
  • Some review websites focus on a particular type of product, while others provide reviews of businesses and the services they provide. Some sites combine all types of products and services. Some sites offer users free products to review. However, in these cases, the review may not be totally unbiased. The best review is one where the consumer is simply sharing their experience with the product or service. A good review site is one that provides valuable information to the consumer who is shopping for the product or service.

How to Write a Product Review

Online product reviews are best when they reflect the true opinion of the consumer. In addition, reviews are most valuable to the reader when they are true and honest. When writing a review, consider the overall experiences you have had with the given product or service. If your experiences have been overall good or neutral with a product or service, one bad experience should not elicit a flaming review. Be fair. Is it possible the person you dealt with was having a bad day? Maybe you presented the representative with a problem that they were not familiar with and did not know how to handle. Consider the different possibilities about your negative experience before posting a flaming review for the world to see.

If you have had consistently positive experiences with a product or service, definitely write a review about the product or service. Share your great experience with the rest of the world. You will assist consumers in making their decision about whether or not to purchase the product, and the company will be happy to know that they are offering a great product or service.

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