Products That Nourish Hair Follicles From Osmotics

I am sure most of us have read about changes that your hair goes through as you get older.  I wonder if many of us think that information is relevant to someone else as surely it cannot apply to our ever young selves! Well, I must admit that I have noticed some changes going on with my hair recently. My hair is long, thick and wavy and it has been pretty healthy for the most part. I do live in Florida, so I know the UV rays of the sun can damage my hair, so that, I expected. We expose our hair to the elements, coloring, hair styling products and tools and all the other things we do to it over a lifetime. It is no surprise it can get dry, brittle, coarse and thin. As I approach 40, my hair is changing from soft and smooth to somewhat dry and coarse. I want to be proactive and do what I can to take care of my hair and replenish some of the nutrients and moisture it is starting to lose. Osmotics Cosmeceuticals has product on the market that has been developed to give back some of the lost youthfulness of your hair.

Products That Nourish Hair Follicles

I have always loved my long hair and I hoped to keep its healthy state as long as possible. You can give back some lost moisture to your hair with products you can buy at the retail stores, but they can only temporarily fix the problem on a surface level. What your hair needs as you get older is a product that will go straight to the area that needs help the most. You need to use products that nourish hair follicles, like the FNS Encore Follicle Nutrient Serum from Osmotics Cosmeceuticals. This wonderfully effective product is a treatment for your hair that addresses the lack of nutrients your follicles need.

image001The FNS Encore serum is a patented formula that includes vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. In order to give you the thick, strong and healthy hair of your youth, you need to correct your thinning and damaged hair. The FNS Encore serum provides the nutrients directly to your follicles, which is the most starved. I have noticed my hair has become softer, shinier and more like it used to be. Because the ingredients are safe and natural, it can be used by men and women alike with no fear of further damage. With powerful ingredients like organic pea extract that has shown to promote hair regeneration, the FNS Encore serum is able to help you recapture the hair of your youth. With consistent use, the FNS Encore Follicle Nutrient Serum can reverse some of the damage your hair has received. You can purchase FNS Encore online from Osmotics Cosmeceuticals e-store for $58.00, along with their complete line of hair and skin care products.