Products That Protect Color Treated Hair

One of the steadiest industries for consumer business as well as employment is the cosmetology industry. This would include hair, makeup and nail salons, whether separate or all inclusive in one shop.  With the prices salons are charging for their coloring services, it is not always feasible to have them color your hair. If you have hair that grows out very quickly, you could easily spend upwards of  $1,100 a year on hair color alone.  A lot of people are turning to retail chains and beauty supply stores to buy their own hair color and color or highlight their own hair. If you use this alternative, you can save almost $1,000, which is just  jaw dropping. In order to hang on to that color, whether you have it done at the salon or at home, you need to protect it. The best way to do this is to purchase products that are made specifically to protect color treated hair. With the Hydrated line from Pureology, you will get great looking and feeling hair that will help extend your color.

Products That Protect Color Treated Hair

The average length of time a person goes in between coloring their hair is 6 weeks. If you have fast growing hair, it can be as early as 4-5 weeks, which can add time and money. If you want to get the most out of your color, you need products that protect color treated hair. This does not just mean extending the length of time your color stays on your hair.  If you have been coloring your hair for any length of time, you know how dry and sometimes frizzy it can get. You need a product line that can handle a myriad of issues that go hand in hand with color treated hair. The Hydrated line from Pureology is made to not only protect your hair, but nourish and repair it. With key ingredients like Zero Sulfate, Natural Plant Extracts and a Signature Aromatherapy Blend, you get what your hair needs.

The Hydrate Shampoo will gently clean your hair without stripping the color, the Conditioner hydrates your hair while protecting your color vibrancy and the Light Conditioner will detangle and moisturize your hair and can be used every day. If you need a deeper conditioning for your color treated hair, the Hydra Whip will give you the soft and luxurious hair you thought was gone forever. To pull the look together and keep those frizzies at bay and give you added shine, the Shine Max is perfect for you. If you are not sure which products from the Pureology line are right for your hair, just click on the “hair consultation tool” and find out. The products in the Hydrate range in price from $28.60 t0 $55.00 and are sold in fine salons nationwide. To find a location near you, you can use the salon finder on the Pureology website.


  1. I do have my hair colored at the salon after many years of doing it myself. The colorist that I use insists that I use the Pureology Hydrate line. I can see why! It does an excellent job of nourishing my hair and you can use very small amounts of both the shampoo and the conditioner. I use to wash my hair every day. I can now go every other day or even every third day. It’s expensive, but I’ve found great prices by buying the gallon sizes on eBay.

  2. Kelly, may I ask if you think the Hydrate line will work if hair gets dry but the scalp is oily? My color protect (and also color deposit) line was discontinued 🙁 and I’m on the hunt for a new line. It was so light I didn’t have to wash every day because it still cleaned the scalp well enough. Thnx! E

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