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Professional Hair Care Products From Verb Products Sweepstakes

Professional Hair Care Products

I would love to buy professional hair care products from my salon, but who has $50+ to plop down for some shampoo or conditioner?  Um…Not me, how about you?  Here is my question; can you really tell a difference between the expensive salon products and products sold at the Acme Discount Store?  I am sure there are people who can absolutely tell a difference, but I really can’t.  If I can’t tell a difference, what is the point of spending the extra money?  I have long, thick hair and  I usually buy whatever is the least expensive products available.  I wonder if the models in magazines or commercials actually use the products they are advertising.  Is their  coiffed, shiny, perfect hair they are flipping around get that sheen from the products or it is enhanced?  I don’t know but I am thinking they get a little help from a spray bottle of shiny-hair-stuff.

Verb Products is a company based in Austin, TX that was born at the award-winning Birds Barbershop salon.  Although the haircuts at Bird’s have earned them the stellar reputation they worked hard to achieve, they couldn’t sell the expensive hair products on their shelves.  Their customers were asking for professional grade hair products to maintain their newly cut hair, but they didn’t want to pay the high price.  Verb is a line that offers quality products that will change your hair routine.  Verb products don’t have any harmful parabens or sulfates but they do have natural UV protectant and nutrients for dry, damaged hair and colored hair.  If you have seen a runway show recently, you may have seen the Verb products without realizing the models had used Verb.  These products are made with love right there in Austin and at $12 per bottle, you are getting an amazing product that is inexpensive but not cheap.

Repair Damaged Hair

I have been dragging my feet to repair damaged hair that has been unhealthy for a while now.  When Verb Products offered me samples, I was not getting my hopes up that it was anything special. I can tell you with 100% certainty that at least for me, the Verb products are unbelievable.  I am going to share something personal, so don’t judge ok?  I injured my back pretty severely during nursing school last year.  There are times when I have trouble getting around, so I am on best rest.  When this happens, I am unable to shower, so I keep my hair in a ponytail.  After a handful of days on bed rest, my hair looks and feels like I have a huge dread lock I can’t brush out.  I used the shampoo and afterwards put the conditioner on, concentrating on my big old dread lock and waited a few minutes.  I rinsed my hair and I kid you not, the dread lock was completely gone!  I could not believe it!  If the Verb products did that for me, I wonder what it would do to someone who has dread-free locks?!

One winner will receive a 3 piece gift pack which includes one sculpting clay, one styling cream and one finishing polish. with a combined retail value of $36

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