One of my favorite ways to freshen up a room in a hurry without spending a fortune is to simply change the paint color. It can make your furniture and accessories appear to be brand new. It’s not just for re-decorating when you have young kids.  There are countless fingerprints, smears, and bumps and bruises on my walls all the time, so even if I want to keep the same color, re-painting is sometimes a must. Knowing these professional painting tips for beginners can help make the job much easier.


Try these 10 painting tips and techniques to make the job easier:

  • Do it like a pro: Make your walls look great by using an edge pad to make sure you end up with clean lines on ceiling edges, door frames, and corners.
  • Wait for dry days: Any moisture in the air can make it difficult for water-based paint to dry. Wait for a couple day break in the rain and try to plan your painting time in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the most humid part of the day.
  • Take time to prep: Paint can’t stick to a dirty or glossy surface, so make sure you spend that extra time cleaning and prepping. It will be more than worth it once you’re in the thick of it.
  • Don’t skip the primer: Most people know that primer provides a good surface for the paint to stick to, but what some people don’t know is that it actually brings out the true color of your paint.
  • Use semi-gloss for durability: Semi gloss is great for homes with young children or for use in high traffic areas. It’s easy to wipe down and keeps its original shine.
  • Use sandwich bags: Tape them over door handles to avoid accidentally getting paint in places it wasn’t meant to be.
  • Scrape old paint: Especially when old paint is peeling and flaking, scrape it off with a paint scraper, then sand and prime for best results.
  • Sponge down walls: For those times when you are going to paint directly over old paint, make sure you wash the walls from top to bottom to make sure the new paint will stick.
  • Avoid streaks: Don’t be tempted to go back to an area while it’s drying to do touch ups. This usually hurts more than helps by causing streaking and unwanted surface marks.
  • Get rid of paint fumes: Use an air washer to clear the air, like this one from Venta. The LW45 model has made a noticeable change in the air quality in my home. It not only helps get that freshly painted smell out quickly, it also attracts pet dander (yay!) allergens and dust particles to keep my family breathing easy.

Venta Airwasher LW45

Venta is a trusted German engineering company that has been in business for 30 years, known for making a wide range of innovative products designed to improve health and increase comfort. The LW45 air purifier has been engineered to capture more allergens and other particles than any other large room model, for areas up to 800 square feet. It is also a humidifier that adds just the right amount of moisture to the air for maximum comfort. Find yours on the Venta site for $399.00. Learn more about what Venta products can do for your home on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

What do you want to scrub from your air?