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Four Way To Protect Kids When Bike Riding

As parents, we are expected to do a list of things for our children. Among them are to feed, clothe, school and house them. We are also supposed to keep them safe, which is sometimes easier said than done. When I was a kid, we were able to ride bikes from morning until night, go to the mall alone with our friends and answer the door or phone without a second thought. Today, we have had to tighten the protective reigns on our children as things are not as safe as they used to be. One thing that has not changed would be the rules of the road. Bike safety begins at home, so making sure your kids are well informed is key to their being safe. When your kids are heading out for a bike ride, be sure they are heeding these safety rules:

Protect Kids When Bike Riding

  1. Vision: Kids who are under the age of 9 have a slower reflex to seeing what is in their peripheral vision. Because this part of their vision does not come naturally, you need to help them practice. Also remember kids usually focus on just one thing at a time, so they cannot look at their friend who is talking to them and the traffic at the same time.
  2. Hearing: Children rely on their seeing things that may be dangerous to them. You need to also teach them to listen for things like bicycle bells, train whistles, car engines, horns and people yelling. Be sure to choose a helmet that does not cover their ears, therefore blocking their hearing.
  3. Helmets: If you want to protect that head of theirs, the proper helmet is imperative. Be sure to choose a helmet that fits properly and is snug enough not to fall into their eyes, but not so tight it is uncomfortable. Never let your child ride their bike, no matter how short the ride may be, without a helmet.
  4. Traffic Rules: Make sure your kids know the basic hand signals bike riders use when riding near traffic. Do not let children under 16 ride without an adult when riding close to traffic.

Choosing the right helmet for your child encompasses more than just fit. You want to be sure the helmet is well made, has straps the child can easily lock and unlock and is made for their age range. If you send your child our for a bike ride in a helmet that does not fit, it is as bad as sending them out with no helmet at all. Once you find a helmet that is appropriate for your child’s age group, make sure they actually want to wear it! I do not know about you, but I am sure some of you have had a child sneak their helmet off once or twice because they did not like it. So, what do you do? Find a fun helmet they will want to wear!

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What do you do to protect kids when bike riding?

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