Protect Your Babys Knees When Crawling

Protect Your Babys Knees When Crawling

If you have a mobile baby, you are probably finding ways to protect your baby’s knees when crawling.  When my oldest was a baby, we had wall to wall carpet in our house and when Chelsea began to crawl, she would get carpet burns on her knees.  I tried different items to protect her knees including taping a preemie diaper around her knees. Yes, I really did and no I don’t have pictures!!   We finally decided to put tights on her and that did help but wasn’t the best effort.  With my younger two, we had hardwood floors and when they began to crawl we had two situations.  First were the splinters in the knees and the second was flying baby across the floor with tights on.  I must admit seeing Caitlin go sliding across the dining room floor was pretty funny!  How we got through the baby years, I will never know!

Baby Legs is an incredibly brilliant company that keep your baby’s legs safe from carpet burns and warm as well.  Although I live in the south, we still get some chilly weather and it was always a pain to change a diaper with Caitlin wearing tights.  It is hard enough to get tights on a baby once, let alone several times while out and about.  Baby Legs was born in 2005 when a mom had the problem all of us dread; diaper rash.  Who hasn’t had their sweet baby miserable from diaper rash?  I know I did.  When trying to find a way to keep her baby’s legs warm while allowing the diaper rash to heal without the moisture, Baby Legs was born!!  She took a pair of socks, cut the feet out and abracadabra, she made baby leg warmers!!  The company has now grown to carry several products for your baby and toddler.  You can learn more about Baby Legs and check out their latest designs by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

Keep Your Baby Warm

The beauty about Baby Legs is the multi-purpose they serve, including that they keep your baby warm.  We already went over the assistance the Baby Legs can give in healing diaper rash and protecting their knees when they crawl.  You can also find that Baby Legs will also work for your older child.  The Baby Legs are one size fits most, they work for your baby or your 4 year old.  The Baby Legs when worn by your older child look like adorable knee high stockings!  I have a family in need that my family has adopted and they have a 7 month old little girl.  I wish I had taken a picture of the mom when she saw the baby legs!  She thought they were so cute and clever.  Her baby has just started moving around, so the Baby Legs came at the perfect time.  They really look sweet on the baby and I know they will look adorable on yours, you can also find an assortment of hosiery for your child and there is also a collection for boys.  Baby Legs has your child “covered” (sorry…I had to say it!!!)

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