Retrospective 5

I have always been a camera bug. I am the one who is the go to picture taker at every family event. What is ironic is that I have always been a cheapskate when it came to buying a decent camera. It took me a long time before I even bought a decent point and shoot camera. When I started blogging and knew my pictures were going to be blown up for all the readers to see, I wanted them to look good. I enrolled in a photography class at the local college and I bought myself a very nice DSLR camera. I have seen my picture taking abilities get better in the last 17 months. Now that I am serious about taking good pictures, I knew I needed to get serious about taking care of my camera. I needed to get a camera bag that would protect your camera and still look great. With Thank Tank Photo, I knew I was in good hands for my camera accessory needs.

Protect Your Camera With A Stylish DSLR Camera Bag

I am really rough on my stuff and I would think at my age I would have gotten better, but I have not. I am really bad about just tossing things to the side or leaving them in the middle of a room. It is a huge surprise that I have not had anything major get damaged or broken with my carelessness. I did not want to step on my new camera and break it and lose that much money. My husband would have killed me if I had! I loved the camera bags from Thank Tank Photo and I knew they were perfect for my needs.

I am not really a girly girl, so the stonewashed and faded look to the Retrospective 5 camera bag was just what I wanted. I was so happy to know you could protect your camera with a stylish DSLR camera bag and it would be affordable. The shoulder style soft sided bag has plenty of room for my camera and extra lenses and filters. It is really comfortable and the shoulder strap does not leave a big mark on your shoulder from carrying the bag for long periods. The bad is durable, water resistant, has good looking nickel plated hardware and abrasion resistant zippers. Think Tank Photo is a company that was started by a group of designers and professional photographers who were in tune with the needs of the serious photographer. Instead of being all about the product exactly, they are all about the person the product is for. It is almost like they backed into how they created their products. By knowing what their customers would need, they knew what design features they needed. This made it easier to get the products made for their specific client base. I can attest from my love of my bag that they know what the heck they are doing! You can buy such products like rolling camera bags, shoulder bags, rain covers, laptop bags and so much more at Think Tank Photo online. You can purchase the Retrospective 5 DSLR camera bag like mine for $137.50.

One worldwide reader will win a Retrospective 5 DSLR camera bag ($137.50)


  1. I like the words you told on your post. “you are not a girly girly”. For me, girl who dresses up like a boy is hot and sexy for me. Anyways, I also like the camera bag that you feature on your post.

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