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As summer fades into fall and then fall into winter, you are left with the memories of the fun you had this summer. With all the family gatherings and BBQ’s when the weather is warm, you are left with a bit more than those memories. Your deck is left with spills of drinks and food and foot traffic, which can ruin the finish of your deck in just a few months. While the leaves are still changing and the weather is still pleasant, you need to do some cold weather maintenance on your deck. Here are a few tips to get it in shape for the winter:

4 Ways To Protect And Winterize Your Deck

4 Ways To Protect And Winterize Your Deck

  1. Sweep It Thoroughly: Use a tough broom that can handle the job like the 24″ Indoor/Outdoor Push Broom from Black and Decker. With it’s unique Clic ‘N Loc™ ratchet system to keep the handle from loosening and stiff inner bristles, this is the perfect tool to get those leaves, twigs and other debris off your deck. To get those fine pieces of dust and dirt, the broom has soft bristles on the outside and the steel pole lends stability and durability, while the sift grip handle gives you a comfortable grip. You can purchase the 24″ Indoor/Outdoor Push Broom from Amazon for $30.
  2. Scrub It: To get that dried on food, sticky beverages and other goop off your deck, you need a good scrub brush. With the All Around Brush, which sells for $18 on Amazon, you get just that. The Black and Decker All Around Brush has stiff bristles on all four sides to give you an even clean every time. The soft grip handle allows you to really dig into the job while providing a comfortable and secure grip.
  3. Stain It: Once you have given the deck a complete cleaning, you will most likely need to re-stain or color it. There are a ton of easy to use, one-step stains and paints which are formulated specifically for decks. Most can be applied in under an hour and dries in less than 12.
  4. Protect It: Once you have cleaned and stained the deck, you are ready to apply a protective coating to keep all that hard work in place. Your local home maintenance store will have a wide range of clear protective coating products. These will give the deck a nice sheen and lock in the clean and color you have just put on.

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It seems that my family has used Black and Decker products for as long as I can remember. I know my dad used them and I have many of them in my own home. I have their products in my kitchen, the laundry room and in the shed. I have a Black and Decker iron, coffee maker, toaster, steam mop and several others. When I dug into the company history, I found they have been around since the mid-1800’s. Three men, Frederick Stanley, Duncan Black, and Alonzo Decker all built very profitable and popular companies that are still going today.

Frederick Stanley began his shop in Connecticut in 1843, selling mostly wrought iron hardware. In 1910, Black and Decker got their store started in Maryland, and were the first to patent a portable power tool. The two companies merged in 2010 and formed Stanley Black & Decker, and are focused on bringing tools and solutions for industrial companies, professionals, and consumers. You can find the Stanley Black and Decker products in virtually every home improvement department and store worldwide. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and YouTube to stay current with all the latest news and products.

What Black and Decker products will you use to protect your deck this fall and winter?