Protect Your Hair From The Sun

Protect Your Hair From The Sun

With the heat of summer here, you need to protect your hair from the sun. I have relatively healthy hair, but when summer hits, my hair gets really dried out. It won’t matter how much conditioner I put on my hair, it will just feel like straw. It is almost like my hair is a thirsty sponge that cannot get enough nourishment. I guess if you think about it, that is exactly what is happening to your hair. The best way to keep your hair looking great is to find the proper products that are formulated specifically for taking care of your hair. Typically the best products for treating your hair and keeping it healthy would be salon products, but they are so pricey! I know I choose to decline the products when I get my hair cut because I just can’t afford to pay $25 or more for a bottle of shampoo or conditioner!
It’s a 10 hair care products is a company that was started by Carolyn Plummer and Scott Scharg. The pair had been in the salon business for more than 20 years and found many products that were specific to one area of hair care, but none that could care of their customers hair in one bottle. Who has the money to buy 3-4 different products to keep your hair healthy? I would be walking around with some dried out hair instead of juggling that many products. Carolyn and Scott knew they could create a product that would do the job of these 3-4 products but in one bottle. Carolyn and Scott experimented quite a bit for several years before finding the right formula and It’s a 10 was born.
Caitlin After

Get Healthy Hair

As I have gotten older, my hair has changed from shiny and full to dull and limp and I want to get healthy hair again. I have tried several products but nothing seemed to work as well as I hoped it would. I have found great products, just not one product that could cover several issues in one. With the It’s a 10 product line, they have formulated their products so they can help all types of hair. If you have curly, straight, fine, thick, color treated or weak hair, the It’s a 10 line is for you. I received two products for review and they were the Miracle Leave In plus Keratin ($19.96) and the Miracle Styling Serum ($18.00). The Miracle Leave in product actually does 10 things for your hair with one treatment including strengthening your hair, leaving it shiny, protects your hair from heat and makes it more manageable to handle. This is the product we used in the before and after pictures. You can easily see how well the product worked on my hair from the after picture. I also love the smell of the products! It is yummy! Henry and my husband have been using the styling serum and they both really liked the product. They both keep their hair short but spike it up a bit and they said the solution didn’t feel sticky like a lot of products do. I love that everyone in my family was able to get a great result from these awesome products.

One reader will win one Miracle Leave In plus Keratin ($12.99) and one Miracle Styling Serum ($18.00).

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