soccer momStaying healthy is important for a multitude of reasons. You want to not only be there for you family, but you also want to get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of life itself. This means you gotta eat right and actually get up and exercise. From my own experience, the best way to make exercising enjoyable is take up a sport that you love on a recreational level. But remember to ease into the game and play smart. Protecting yourself from injury is a high priority for staying healthy and getting the most of life. Here’s a few things you can do to keep yourself in the field of play.
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Protect Yourself And Be Injury Free

  • Hydration: Staying properly hydrated is probably the single most important factor in the battle to stay healthy and injury free. Come to think of it, it’s about the most important thing period. Your body just functions better when properly hydrated, period.
  • Warm Up: This runs a close second to hydration as far as importance. But oddly enough it is the most overlooked aspect of preventing injuries. If you aren’t warming up and stretching out before any kind of exercise for sports activity, the you are putting yourself at an even higher risk of injuries.
  • Protective Gear: Like I said believe getting involved in recreational sports, soccer being my favorite, is one of the best ways to stay healthy. It promotes healthy competition and camaraderie. But play smart and use the proper protective gear. Storelli is here to let you get out there and play hard without looking like a medieval jouster.


Storelli has come to the forefront in the design of protective gear for soccer players by by taking their inspiration from outside the sport itself. Using the extreme sports model, looked for a way to achieve maximum protection without hindering speed or mobility. As the speed of the game gets faster every year, so grows the need for protective gear that can keep up. While most would think that most soccer injuries occur to the feet and legs, the truth is, most happen away from the ball. There is a lot of banging and crashing into each other while jostling for position, and that can easily lead to head and torso injuries. Me Personally, I rather go insurance shopping than have a head injury. That affects everything you do and can be quite debilitating depending on the severity. Check out this great video below detailing the superior designs of Storelli gear.

Guided by six technical principals, impact resistant, flexible, lightweight, military grade, stealth and anti-bacterial, in the design of their gear, they created a superior line of gear that would be used in many different sports for protection. So use the promo code INJURIESSUCK20 and get geared up, get out there, go full speed and have no fear, for Storelli is here.

Injuries Suck! What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had in the game you love?