kohls black friday

During the holiday season, I am always made keenly aware of how lucky I am. As a blogger, I sometimes lose fact of how cool my job really is and the overabundance of “things” I am sent on a regular basis. Right before Christmas (when I was attempting to organize my to-do pile) I took a step back at the huge mound of really cool items (go ahead & browse the blog – you’ll see!) and realized I was one of those hard to buy for people. I already had everything a person could want. My children even had everything already. What a conundrum for the loved ones! What a horrible situation for a Black Friday junkie to be in!

kohls presents pin

The kids usually get so much stuff, they don’t even know what they got and from whom. This year, we wanted to do things a little more low-key. First I went through their rooms, and we gave 1/2 of their toys away. I was at the PTO meeting at my son’s school and was blown away by all the kids who don’t have a Christmas. There was 15 families full of kids and parents with no presents. I thought it would be fun to shop for them! Kohl’s provided me with a $500 gift certificate to spend on someone else’s Christmas, so I went to town shopping for the families! It was CRAZY on Black Friday. There wasn’t a cart to be had, so I carried all the stuff in my arms. They were having such great deals, I was having a hard time spending all the money at once. I went to the register, rang up all the items below and was a little over $250!


I asked the school what the kids wanted, and the majority of them wanted clothes! I bought Barbie Dolls, remote control cars, and board/card games too! I took everything out to my truck and returned to Kohl’s for round 2! I pretty much duplicated the order for the other half of the kids but chose different styles and dolls. I was feeling pretty good about the situation until I got to the register and could not find the gift card!! I was freaking out! Then I realized it was all for charity, and I could only hope a mom of 5 kids found the card. I paid for the items with my Kohl’s charge and got an additional 30% off! On my way out to the car, I called my mom disheartened. She directed me to call the store to see if someone turned in my card. Ha! As if. I tried anyways!

kohls 2nd trip

GUESS WHAT? Kohl’s called me a few days later. They found the gift card! My uncle knew a family which moved down the street from me. They had no money and they moved into a fixer upper to save. One of the kids was around second grade and had to walk a mile up to the bus stop. I used the gift card to buy a bike for him. Can you imagine how excited he was going to be? I just had to find an elf to put it together for him!

kohls bike

I love shopping at Kohl’s! You can always find something for everyone! Even more so, I love their generosity in helping other families in need, and allowing me to take part.  It will be a Christmas I will always remember!