Everyone loves decorating their home, investing in decorative and furniture pieces. But cleaning them can be a little bit frustrating. You hate ruined upholstery; we get it. In fact, we are giving you some tips that will help you clean and maintain your furniture for a long time.


You will need the following stuff for home decor fabric cleaning:

Note: If the furniture is expensive, you should consult a professional instead of cleaning yourself.

Vacuum First

You will need the Vacuum for home decor fabric. Use it left to right within quick strokes. Repeat a few times. Later start at the top of your piece, and work towards the end. If you got soft fabrics including linen and silk, set the vacuum at low settings.

Right to left strokes is very crucial for nappy materials as they hold in the dirt. You may need to switch to a crevice nozzle. Use it to clean under the cushions and around corners. Later, use compressed air to blow dirt from button nooks and tufting.

Removing Spots

Cleaning stains are crucial for home decor fabric, especially to keep it seamless. You need to get rid of stains on the fabric despite if its linen, cotton or even polyester. You can use a Pre-Mist for this purchase.

Sprinkle some dry cleaner on the stain, and softly run power in the fabric of dry cloth. Lastly,  vacuum the whole thing. You can repeat if the stain isn’t completely gone. If you don’t get rid of it after 2-3 times, you better leave it, or you will ruin the upholstery. It’s time to call a professional!

In case you have leather or vinyl upholstery, pledge a cloth and rub stains. You need to wipe it with a dry cloth to make sure it’s spotless. Avoid using silicone based cleaners as they will close powers of leather or vinyl, which can lead to cracks.

You need to pour a half teaspoon of dish soap in a small bucket filled with lukewarm water. This will help you create suds, now dip your brush in suds, avoid submerge. Sweep fabric in small parts with fabrics, but don’t soak it. Once you are done with sweep, you have to use a clean cloth to wipe the whole thing off.

You better wait till the upholstery dry before using it again. If you wash the cushions, make sure they are completely dry before putting them back.

Caring Tips

  • You better check your cushions and pillows every weak to spot any wear or tear
  • Vacuuming your upholstery every week isn’t good for home decor fabric. You better wait for two weeks to pass before you bring in the vacuum again
  • You like to take care of things by yourself, that’s good. But for the well-being of your upholstery, you better call a professional once every year
  • You may be worried about fading, then you have to keep it away from harsh cleaners, and direct sunlight