Ways To Relieve Stress

If you know anyone who suffers from hypertension, or high blood pressure, you know how frightening it can be. I have a nursing degree, and I saw my share of patients in the hospital with high blood pressure, strokes and heart disease. Although this can be a hereditary disease, there are ways you can reduce the stress in your life without medical intervention. In honor of World Hypertension day, I thought I would share a few ways to lower the stress in your life.

3 Ways To Lower Stress Pin

3 Ways To Lower Stress

  1. Exercise: One sure fire way to lower your stress and anxiety is to get yourself off the couch or out of the office and get in some exercise. Put on your headphones or grab your wireless speaker and listen to some relaxing or soothing music and take a 15 minute walk. Studies show this can lower your stress considerably in such a short span of time.
  2. Meditate: There are may ways you can meditate to relieve stress in your life. You can listen to meditative quotes while you relax in a quiet room or while you do some stretches. You can also meditate while taking a relaxing bath using some bath products with smells that will relax you like the Chick of the Sea Foaming Bath Salts from Honeycat Cosmetics.
  3. Daydream: Remember when you were a kid and you would look out the window during class and mentally drift off, thinking of yourself on a beach or riding a roller coaster? This was your minds way of taking you out of a stressful situation for a few moments to relax your mind, body and spirit. When feeling stressed, brew yourself a cup of chamomile tea, close your eyes and imagine yourself in an exotic location somewhere. You will be surprised at how relaxing this can be!

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It is great to know you can lower your blood pressure with these easy and quick ways to relieve stress. I have been under a bit of stress myself lately, and I have really enjoyed treating myself to the plethora of bath and body products I have received from Honeycat Cosmetics. This cleverly designed line of shower gels, bath salts, lip balms, creams, bubbles and more is filled with heavenly scents and will leave your skin and spirit feeling purr-fect! Honeycat Cosmetics is the innovative creation from Theresa Spruill, who wanted to put a fun spin on the bath ad beauty products we use. You know how cats are always grooming themselves? Now you can let that feline side out of yourself and indulge in these sexy and sensual products which are safe and oh so good for your skin.

I do not get a chance to escape from the chaos which is my life very often. I can get stressed out quite easily and nothing calms me like a nice hot soak in the tub. If I do not have time for a bath, I will settle for a shower using a delectable smelling shower gel like the Cat-Bernet Sauvignon from Honeycat Cosmetics. I love the cute little wine bottle it comes it and it smells Ah-Mazing! I finish the shower up with the Rub My Tummy Hand & Body Cream. My skin feels so soft after using this cream with its Shea Butter, Kukui Oil, Honey, and Butter Milk. You can purchase the cream for just $12 from the Honeycat website, and because you only need a little to go a long way, it is well worth the already affordable price. You can sign up for the HoneyCat newsletter where you can stay current with their latest news and deals as well as follow them on Twitter. One USA reader will win $50 in Honeycat Cosmetics bath and beauty products.

What quick ways to relieve stress do you use in your life?


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