Smoking is one of the hardest habits to quit. There are so many different products available to help stop the addiction, but it is hard to know which will actually work. A new product has been introduced called an electronic cigarette or Ecig. The Ecig is an electronic device, used in place of a normal cigarette. Being the same shape as a cigarette along with producing vapors, the Ecig makes the body believe you are smoking a cigarette. The E cigarette was created to help to stop smokers kick the bad habit that is so harmful to their body. It tricks the body into believing you are smoking an actual cigarette without the harmful nicotine. It is even flavored to taste like a real cigarette. The electric cigarette are also considered a greener-alternative to smoking a traditional cigarette. They do not produce the harmful smoke into the environment and they also help to reduce the amount of waste that fills the streets. Almost anywhere you go there are cigarette butts thrown in the street, but the electronic cigarettes have no waste, making for a cleaner, prettier environment. The best part of the electronic cigarette compared to a traditional cigarette is the lack of smell. Your clothes won’t smell and your house will not be filled with the stale smell and yellowing of your walls.