raguTonight is  Ragú Monday night (8/8/11) at 8PM ET on Ragu Sauce Facebook page, and they are hosting a live-streamed chat to discuss this hot topic with Audrey McClelland, who will be hosting the discussion. Please drop in and let us talk about what makes dinnertime challenging in your household. Come by and share your stories and questions! Check out this video on Ragu Facebook to get a sneak peak of When Dinner Gets Tough! They have recipes of the day–not just plain ol’ spaghetti, but all sorts of great ideas like cheddar cheese steak sandwiches.

In my household, when dinner gets tough, I have turned to Ragu as a pizza sauce base many a time! I just take a pre-made pizza crust, slather it with Ragu and top with mozzarella for a quick dinner in a pinch which is simple to eat without too much of a mess! You can also check out Ragú® Mom’s the Word on Dinner community to find some other great quick, in a pinch dinner ideas that will help take the tough out of dinner. One of my favorite suggestions was to offer choices. It is amazing what a choice can do for a child. Even a three-year-old likes to have a sense of empowerment and help with the dinner decisions. When I ask Jakobi what he wants for dinner 8 out of 10 times it is pizza! It is nice to know Ragu is there to help make the job easier and delicious.

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