Rain chain links and rain cups are beautiful, functional alternatives to traditional, closed gutter downspouts.  There are many different styles to match any home.  The rain chains work by guiding rain water down the chain from your roof to the ground.  These bring a beautiful aesthetic to your home.  Instead of a normal, boring downspout, you can have a gorgeous addition.  The rain cups allow water to flow from the roof.  Each cup has an opening at the bottom to allow water to flow through.  Cups all feature hand-hammered sides that add to their decorative design.

RainChainLink.com has a wide variety of rain chain links and rain cups.  Each is easily installed and comes complete with the gutter attachment piece.  Each chain or cup is made of durable copper or aluminum to ensure they last for a long time.  Various lengths are also available to ensure your chain the proper length to match your home size.  They offer free or low-cost shipping on nearly all of their products, because they understand that shipping costs can sometimes be an issue with ordering online.  Nearly every chain and cup comes with a one year manufacturers warranty.  You are able to order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or you may speak with customer service during their normal business hours.