It is time to get a little more environmentally friendly at my workplace.  We’ve been ditching a lot of things and systems all over the building that tend to go a little overboard on the use of paper.  One of those things are all the paper towel dispensers in the bathroom.  Instead of keeping those things around, we’ve decided to go with electric hand dryers.  It’s a decision I’m confident that we’ll never regret.

Hand dryers have come a long way.  Just ten years ago, it was tough to come by one that could actually dry your hands without you having to stand there for a good five minutes or more.  It’s a totally different story these days, though.  There are some really nice state of the art dryers out there.  We went to and were amazed at just how many different makes and models there are.

We’re pretty happy with our decision to move to electric dryers.  We got them for a good price and they shipped to us pretty fast.  If it is time for you to ditch the paper towel dispensers as well, be sure to go on over to  They will most definitely treat you right.