Raskullz Bike Helmet

Raskullz & Safety Bike Helmet Facts

  • A form of mandatory child bicycle helmet legislation has been issued on over 21 states and in the District of Columbia.
  • Half of the child bicycle helmet legislations cover children less than 15 years of age.
  • Eight states and Washington, D.C. now require children to wear a helmet while participating in other wheeled sports such as scooters, skateboards and inline skates since the launch of Safe Kids.

Bike Helmets for Toddlers and Kids

Teaching your children to wear a helmet while engaging in wheeled sports at a young age is a great idea. Anything is easier if you begin teaching at a young age. Shark Attax is the bike helmet that my son is wearing, and he LOVES it. As soon as it came, he put it on and we had to bring his bike in the house! It was raining outside, and he just could not wait. I love how the helmet is shaped like a shark, which is one of a young boys favorite things. The stand-out design makes him think he is ultra cool instead of not wanting to wear a regular average helmet. You can find Raskullz online for $24.99 or your local Target. Raskullz now also has matching bikes at Walmart and a variety of protective gear and bike accessories.

Unique Bike Helmets For Children

Raskullz has a variety of unique bike helmets that your kids will love. The have designer helmets especially made to entice both girls and boys to get into the habit of practicing safety first at a young age. Raskullz has sharks and dinosaurs and many more creatures for boys and cute helmets of puppies and cats for girls.

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