If you have children, then it is likely that you have less of two things; time and money. Creating a re-mixable wardrobe with your current clothes can help you bring back a little of both of these precious commodities. By re-styling your current clothes you are also having a positive environmental impact by not contributing to throughput and waste. So you can throw feeling smug into the bargain as well.


So let’s have a look at some of the options you have for updating your clothes. Most women in actual fact have a vast number of clothes, but often many items end up forgotten and stuffed away at the back of a wardrobe or draw. Things you know you spent money on once and could therefore never quite chuck out, even though it’s now obvious that perhaps the dungaree revival isn’t going to happen. Digging out this mass of clothing and making some sense of it is a way to create many new outfits.

With your forgotten wardrobe collection spread out in front of you, you can easily mix and match pieces. The simplest way to do this is to have a picture in front of you, so that you can emulate a certain style. You can get inspiration from celebrity fashion icons like Angelina Jolie or popular fictional characters, if you find Anastasia Steele’s fashion choice in 50 shades of grey interesting. With the photo guidance it is much easier to put together a coherent outfit. Someone else has done the hard work so it’s almost as if you have your own personal stylist. If you are deciding what outfit is appropriate for an occasion, this is a good way to get guidance as you can use an objective eye to see how it looks on someone else first.

Another tactic to follow is to separate your clothes by color. If you always pull out red skinny jeans and a pink cardigan first, it will start to seem that you don’t have any clothes that go together. But having separated colors means it is much easier to pair up outfits, adding a splash of color where needed, without overdoing it.

Separates are easy to create new outfits from as the possibilities are endless, and either the top or bottom can take the lead. However, dresses usually have a very distinct style and will set the tone for your whole outfit. However, you can subtly change the feel of the dress with the type of jacket or cardigan and type of shoes you wear. Flats and a loose cardigan keep it casual and everyday, but pair it with heeled boots and a smart jacket and you have a powerful work outfit. Strappy heels, some dangly earrings and a bolero will easily make it suitable for a suave dinner or night out after work.

There are a few other simple tricks which can make an item look like a completely different piece. For example, if you only wear tops or shirts loose, then experiment with tucking them into your bottom half. This works particularly well for floaty tops and skirts which often don’t sit well together. To seal the line between the two you can use a belt which gives a nice neat finish. In fact, belts are an item that completely changes an outfit. It can be worn with almost anything, including over items you might not expect like loose cardigans.

When re-imaging your wardrobe, just try to have fun and experiment. Most importantly don’t take any item at face value, as worn in the right way it could be part of a new re-styled you.