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frozen fruits and vegetables meal2 Not a day goes by when I don’t open up my refrigerator and find spoiled produce. My heart breaks a little each and every time I have to throw away fresh fruits or veggies that have begun to turn. While we do cook at home every night, we just can’t cook fast enough to avoid the inevitable a lot of the time. Chris and I are no strangers to frozen foods, having a freezer jam packed full of veggies and fruits, among other things. What we didn’t know were the actual benefits to buying frozen fruits and vegetables versus fresh. frozen fruits and vegetables

3 Reasons To Use Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

  1. Locked In Nutrients: Freezing fruits and vegetables is nature’s pause button. Fruits and vegetables are major contributors of essential nutrients in our diets, and consuming fruits and vegetables is associated with reduced risk of many chronic diseases.
  2. Convenience: It doesn’t get any easier than opening up the freezer and serving a nutrient packed meal. When it’s as convenient as pulling a steam in bag veggie out of the freezer, it becomes easier for us to meet our daily requirements.
  3. Affordable: Frozen fruits and vegetables give you an easy way to combat the cost of fresh produce spoiling before you have a chance to prepare and eat it, as well as the cost of fresh, out of season, produce that is typically higher in cost.

Nearly 80 percent of Americans fail to consume the recommended amounts of fruit, with nearly 90 percent failing to meet dietary recommendations for vegetables. Many factors contribute to low consumption, including cost and convenience of fresh fruits and veggies. The University of California-Davis, in partnership with the Frozen Food Foundation, conducted an in-depth study to evaluate the nutrient content of eight commonly-purchased frozen and fresh fruits and vegetables and revealed that they are generally nutritionally equal to their fresh counterparts. In some cases, the nutritional value was even better than fresh fruits and vegetables. frozen fruits and vegetables purchased Chris and I love the convenience of being able to pull a bag of broccoli out of the freezer to add to a stir fry or to add corn to a chili cooking in the crock pot. Having a stash of frozen veggies on hand helps us to make sure Aidan is eating properly, as well. 

We will pull out a frozen succotash and watch Aidan sort, count and eat each pea, carrot and bean in the mix. Frozen fruits and veggies are a great option for my family, and I feel great about not wasting money on spoiled produce! Keep updated with news from the Frozen Food Foundation by following the Frozen Food Foundation Twitter and Frozen Food Foundation Facebook.

How do you incorporate frozen fruits and vegetables in your meals?

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