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Reasons why online slots have become a cool hobby in 2020

Can you imagine a world without online slots? It is something that is increasingly hard to visualise these days, because these games have become such a popular part of life in 2020. Of course, slots have been immensely popular throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, with casino slot halls being an iconic image, as well as the humble old fruit machine in the corner of a multitude of bars, pubs, clubs and sports centres.

Something happened in the early 2000s though; online slots were invented, and ever since they have ripped through the gambling world with particular ferocity. Indeed, online slot gamblers now make up more than half of the overall gambling in the world, a pretty crazy statistic if we do say so ourselves. Read ahead to find out a few reasons why online slots at Slotzo have become a cool hobby in 2020.

The crazy world of online slot bonus features

Ever since the invention of the RNG in the 1980s made video slots possible there has been a dramatic increase in incredibly complex and layered online slot bonus features, something that has naturally made these games even more exciting than they ever have before. Take a game like Centurion by Inspired Gaming, for example, a slot that has four separate and highly compelling bonus features.

Indeed, modern 2020 slots’ bonus features can now be akin to playing an actual game on an actual console, meaning that the online slots of the modern world can much easier develop into a bona fide hobby. And anyway, what is cooler than playing a video game and winning money in the process?

Popularity of mobile slots

Over the last decade the mobile slots market has gone from being a little thought of baby to an absolute titan in the gambling world, with millions of people now choosing to spin the reels on their mobile device rather than computer. This is also something that has made online slots a cool hobby in 2020, as it seems everyone is playing them on their phones now.

The thing about mobile slots is that many developers are now creating their games with mobile devices in mind first, and this means that mobile slots are getting continuously better as the years draw on.

The Gambling Act 2004 and online slot advertising

When the UK government passed The Gambling Act 2004 it opened the doors to many online casino sites to start advertising, and this directly coincided with the sudden online slot explosion. One and a half decades on and savvy advertising is still helping the online slot industry reach new audiences, and carve itself out as a cool 2020 hobby in the process.

New online slot technology like VR

The most exciting thing about online gambling is the fact that there are so many more possibilities associated with it rather than brick and mortar gambling. For instance, we can expect virtual reality slots very soon – exciting!

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