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Recycled Plastic Bottle Bird Feeders By McIncShop Sweepstakes

Recycled Plastic Bottle Bird Feeders

What a better way to contribute to saving the environment than with recycled plastic bottle bird feeders? Not only are you using recycled materials which helps protect our environment but you are also contributing to wildlife. Since we homeschool Henry, it is always a bonus if we can find something fun that we can use a teaching opportunity. Caitlin is studying about the environment, so what a great segue for me to teach Henry the same curriculum. Both kids have ADHD, so I try to make my “lessons” as fun and interesting as I can. It is amazing how many teaching opportunities I am able to find throughout the day.

Started in 1985, McNaughton Inc. is a green minded product development, manufacturing and marketing company. This environmentally minded company is the brain child of the brother and sister team of Patrick and Jamie McNaughton. Patrick and Jamie appeared on the cover of Plymouth Magazines July 2011 issue on “Green Inventors”. The McNaughton’s produce over 60% of their items domestically and they sell and export their wares worldwide. McIncShop they are also involved in programs that promote the care and feeding of wild birds but they are also working with children to teach them the importance of using recycled materials.

Teaching Recycling to Kids

I was impressed with McIncShop’s commitment to teaching recycling to kids. What is really awesome is that the bird feeing kits can be used by scouts, church groups, schools or homeschooling moms like me. Each kit comes with a tray, funnel, hanger and instruction sheet. My family was so appreciative of the two bird feeding kits we received from McIncShop. We received the soda bottle hummingbird window feeder (Suggested retail value $7.70) and the soda bottle jumbo feeder (suggested retail value $5.50). The materials in both kits are well made, the instructions are easy to follow and all you need to provide is a 16-20 ounce or a 2 liter plastic drink bottle and either sugar water or bird seed. We had no idea what birds would actually come to investigate the feeders, if any came at all. Henry got so excited when he looked outside and saw a hummingbird sipping at the sweet nectar he put in his feeder. Success!!

McIncShop is offeing one lucky winner the Soda Bottle Bird Feeder Gift Set, which includes 5 bird feeders which retail for $25.30

Each reader who makes a purchase during Earth Week (April 16-22) will receive 20% off Recycling and Re-Use

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