Reduce Eye Fatigue

Many of us have probably experienced a common yet annoying condition called eye fatigue or eye strain. The reasons for this condition can range from driving too long, watching too much television or extensive computer usage (guilty!). The common and virtually harmless symptoms can include tired, itching, and burning eyes, but is rarely serious. If your symptoms spreads to lingering headaches, double vision of course you should see your doctor right away. Making your tired eyes feel better is easier than you think with this helpful tips:

4 ways to lessen eye strain

  1. Take Breaks: This is one I tend to forget to do. I get so involved in what I am doing, I often forget to get up and walk or look away from the computer. You should take a break every 15 to 20 minutes. All you need to do is look away from what you are doing, so look out the window or look at your speedometer.
  2. Reduce Glare: Too much glare can really irritate your eyes, but lowering it is pretty simple. All you need to do is keep your screen at a 90 degree angle from your light source, Another suggestion is to switch to a flat screen monitor or television.
  3. Strengthen Your Eyes: Because eye strain is actually the strain of the muscles controlling the eyes, exercising them can reduce that strain! Strengthening these muscles with a series of eye exercises will help tremendously.
  4. Lighting: The lighting you are using can play a huge part in the eye fatigue you are experiencing. If you switch to an LED lamp, preferably one you can dim, you can ease that eye strain greatly.


I recently started using a new desk lamp and it has played a big part in my being able to reduce eye fatigue. The Dimmable Eye-Care LED Desk Lamp from TaoTronics® has been like a dream come true! I no longer have that burning and itching I can get from working at the computer for too long. The lamp has a 7 level dimmer, so I can adjust it to any brightness level I prefer and the touch sensitive pad makes it easy to control. With its reflective LED lighting, you get uniform unidirectional and vision friendly lighting. What you do not get is any of that annoying flickering, dark areas, or ghosting you can get from other lamps.

The modern and minimalist design fits into just about any decor and is perfect for your home, your office or your dorm room. You can easily adjust the light direction by adjusting the goose neck. I have found by using this lamp, I am able to work longer and therefore am more efficient in my work. This lamp is also very energy efficient, using 75% less power than traditional incandescent lamps, but with the the same amount of light. You can buy this lamp, as well as many of the other products from TaoTronics® at Amazon, Target, and of course, the TaoTronics® website. You can find high quality accessories for your car, your pet, your home and your tablet. Be sure to stay current by following TaoTronics on Twitter.

What causes your eye strain and how do you reduce eye fatigue?