Refreshing Drinks For Summer

Refreshing Drinks For Summer

With warm weather already here, it is necessary to find refreshing drinks for summer.  Many drinks we think are quenching our thirst are actually doing the opposite.  I love to drink diet soda but I recently found the artificial sweeteners make you want to drink more and that is not good for your body.  With our bodies at 70% water, we need to replenish with more natural alternatives when possible.  I also love to drink iced tea with lemon in the summer which is not a bad choice for you to drink.  When I found that Trop 50 had a new drink; fruit juice with tea, I was intrigued.

Trop 50 has been a family favorite for many years now, so when they have a new product, I am happy to try it out.  The newest addition to the Trop 50 product line are their juice teas.  You can choose from 3 flavors, all of which look quite yummy!  They have Raspberry with Green Tea, Pear Lychee with White Tea and Peach with White Tea.   I am sure you all know many drinks have a lot of  sugar or artificial sweeteners.  Each bottle of Trop 50 Juice with Tea comes in a 59 oz. bottle.  Each serving  has 8 grams of sugar and is less than 50 calories.  Now those are some numbers I like!!  I have recently been told by my doctor that I am in desperate need to lose weight and I am tired of plain water!  These drinks fit perfectly into my food plan with their low caloric content and the small amount of sugar. Trop 50 beverages are sweetened with the natural sweetener Pure Via, a derivative of the plant Stevia.  With other juices on the market with an average of 24 grams of sugar and 110 calories, you can see how Trop 50 is not only a delicious choice but a healthy one as well.

Healthy Alternatives To Soda

So, with my doctor’s plea for me to lose weight, I needed to find healthy alternatives to soda.  When Trop 50 offered me coupons to save money on this new beverage, I couldn’t say no.  The product is already reasonably priced, and with $1.50 in savings, it was almost a steal!  I LOVE the Raspberry with Green Tea because it combines two flavors I really love; raspberry and green tea.  What a brilliant pairing of two crisp and refreshing flavors!  I also tried the Peach with White Tea, which I also liked very much.  I had actually never had white tea and it has a very light flavor which lets the sweet peach flavor shine through.  I am not a pear person (except for my body shape. Hee hee hee), so I passed on the Pear Lychee with White Tea.  My kids are not tea drinkers but they love raspberries, so when they tried the juice tea, I didn’t tell them it was tea with juice until they said it was so yummy!  (They were so mad!!).

Three readers will receive a 3-pack of 3 $1.50 off coupons towards the purchase of Trop 50 Juice with Tea.

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