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Springtime is the season to travel for many. It is a time where we can get out of the house after being cooped up all winter. The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and the animals can be seen peeking at us from their woodsy homes. My family travels at least once a month, but our favorite time is when the world is waking up after the long slumber. This month we are headed up to beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with my best blogging pal Kas from Southern Bellas Ways to Save and her family. Doesn’t that just sound like a great time?! It isn’t very often that we get to see each other face to face, and this will be the very first time that our kids get to meet.

I want this travel experience to be a great one for my husband and kids so they will want to do it again. You know how that goes, sometimes you only have one chance to make a good impression. The Sweet Relish website is a pretty darn cool place to start. You can find a ton of nifty, useful products for whatever you are passionate about. It is a serviceable way to discover, organize, and shop online. It is kind of like browsing for everything you want on Pinterest, except you can buy what you desire right from the site. You have an option to purchase what you selected right away or you can save it in your cart for when you have gathered everything together.

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The Sweet Relish website has made it so easy to make your own lists. I use the Relish button which I dragged to my chrome bar. I can now add products from any website right to my Sweet Relish lists. No need to bookmark or write anything down. I can save it all in one spot. Another fantastic use I have found is for “wish lists.” My oldest son is in college and he always has a want for this or that. Now all he has to do is relish it in the right category. Now the whole family has an ongoing list of what to buy him for his birthday, graduation, Christmas, etc. Do you know how helpful that is for us all? He is always so hard to buy for and everyone usually ends up just giving him money. Now we can get him gifts we know he will love.

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So let me tell you a little about how it could be used for, say a trip to Myrtle Beach… What are some items my kids would want? Let’s browse the net and see what I can add to my Sweet Relish list.

Adding a product to sweet Relish
Adding a product to a Sweet Relish list.

Lately, I have been having a bear of a time getting Jakobi to brush his teeth. The only way he would even consider participating without a fight would be with an electric toothbrush; however, I didn’t want to drag the whole charging system with us. Violight carries a Slim sonic toothbrush that is the perfect size for tiny hands. It is extremely portable and comes in a variety of colors. As a matter of fact, I carry one in my purse! Interested? Take 20% any order of $20 or more before S&H. Use Code: SW0413 They have travel sanitizers, toothbrushes that rock and more!

Customizing your Sweet Relish list.
Customizing your Sweet Relish list is easy. You can add notes, choose the list and even share to Facebook.

What about hydration? My husband is the worst about letting us hydrate. He used to be a trucker and stopping is not an option! On the other hand, the last time I was at Disney, I almost passed out from dehydration, so we stop, and drink, etc. It is important to be upright while traveling don’t you think? We need water bottles! Cool water bottles, maybe anti-water bottles? Vapur is the source for anti-bottles in all the Shades so you can travel and “Live in color.” The .5L Shades have a durable flexibility combined with a custom Vapur SuperCap. The half-liter is the perfect size for toting without added bulk. I love that the bottle folds up to be neatly tucked away before you refill it.

What about luggage for packing their clothes? The boys are both very independent these days. They are experimenting with their sense of autonomy. The days of packing their clothes with Mommy are now over especially with all the cool, trendy choices of back packs available. Trendy Kid has several options to choose from whether you want a backpack for light travel or a roller case which is super easy for your child to maneuver. The Robot backpack would be perfect for day trips to hold anti-water bottles, souvenirs, and snacks. You can save on your purchase by using coupon code: RELISH15 on your next purchase.

AIRBAC – The solution to a heavy backpack is perfect for excursions!

Great products for the boys, but what about Mom and Dad? One of the activities we will be doing in Myrtle Beach will include the boardwalk area. We will be walking around all day to the different attractions, and we won’t be able to go back and forth to the car. Carrying everything in my purse that we will need for the day is really hard on my shoulders (and the husband doesn’t like carting around my purse). A perfect solution is to get a backpack we can both use. I know that since we will be carrying enough for 4 people to be hydrated, nourished and their souvenir collection we will need a solution to a heavy backpack. The AIRBAC patented air support system is an ingenious invention. It is a backpack that provides less stress to the shoulders and less shock to the spine. If you compare a standard backpack to an AIRBAC, you can feel the difference immediately. You can find backpacks for travel, school and even for business. Since I am a travel writer, I like the Air-Tech option because it has a large protected pocket for a laptop, iPad or other tablet. Perfect for quick notes, entertainment in long lines, or even FaceTime to those left at home (poor college-kid, Billy).

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 So now if I get sidetracked while shopping, like I sometimes do, all I need to do is go back to the Sweet Relish website and I have all my products waiting for me. So do you have any vacation plans coming up? Would you love to win all of the products I put in my Sweet Relish Travel list? You can!!

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