Removable Wall Art For Kids

Removable Wall Art For Kids

I think I am behind the times a bit as I have just heard about removable wall art for kids! How clever (and probably wealthy) is the person who came up with this idea. I love different types of art and decorations for the house, especially in the kids rooms. It is so fun to find a new and different ways to liven up a child’s room. I also appreciate the fact that these removable decals can be taken down and moved several times without losing their stickiness or damaging whatever they were stuck on.  The ability to remove and reposition these decals is priceless if you have OCD like I do!!  WallPops is an easy solution to decorating a room without spending a ton of time or money. These decals don’t leave behind any of that sticky residue like the old school stickers do. I am sure there are a lot of readers who have wrestled with wallpaper and lost! I still shudder when I think about the spare bathroom I recently tried to revamp. The other thing I hate about conventional decorating is all the holes in the walls from nails and other hanging tools.

Vinyl Decals with Words

WallPops offers vinyl decals with words, funky colors and beautiful designs for every room in the house. I don’t know about you, but my kids will put a sticker anywhere! I have had stickers on light switch covers, the television, the computer and even each other. I HATE trying to get that gunk off with that smelly sticky stuff remover in a bottle stuff. Needless to say, when WallPops offered me the chance to review my choice from their huge collection, I was all over it!  TheHenMan choose these brightly colored dots which he proceeded to put on his brand new headboard.  Cool thing?  I said it was ok because I knew these stickers won’t harm the finish on his new furniture.

You can purchase this WallPops set  for $17.99 .  WallPops also carries chalkboard decals, window clings, dry erase decals, many of your kids favorite television character and more!

Thank you to WallPops for offering a set of decals of the winner’s choice from their WallPops line, valued at $17.99.

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