electricity pricesWhen it comes to utilities, sometimes we don’t always have a ton of choices.  Do you know how crazy the energy prices are these days? However, before you hook up your utilities, it’s always best to compare gas and electricity prices, internet, tv and home phone prices, mobile phone deals and prices, and even insurance deals and options.  I know that for quite some time I had internet and cable from the largest provider just because I wasn’t aware of some of my other options.  I didn’t research it at all when I moved in and just hooked up my service with the same companies that the previous owners had used.  About a year into my service, I had a conversation with a neighbor and realized that I was WAY overpaying for my internet and tv service!  I decided to do some research and found that I could save tons of money every year just by switching to a smaller, less known company.  I then started researching my cell service.  I’d been with my current provider at the time for about 8 years, so I assumed that I was getting a good price for being a loyal customer.  Boy was I wrong again!  I was able to cut my cell bill in HALF and I get more features.

I know with some utilities like electricity and gas, you don’t always have a lot of options, but really do your research when it comes to all of your services and utilities and make sure that you’re getting the very best deal you can for the service that fits your needs the best.