This month cinemas see the return of Jack and his deadly ghost sailors in the next edition to the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Pirates of the Caribbean is a series of fantasy films produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. The idea for the first film came from a theme park ride that was originally constructed in Disneyland Florida and overlooked by Walt Disney himself. The ride is now in the Paris, Shanghai and Tokyo Disney theme parks as well.

The ride takes the passenger through the troubles and exploits of a band of pirates and it is from this that the film scripts were based. The first film, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, was released in 2003 and made $654 million worldwide! Since this time three further films have been released with the last one being ‘On Stranger Tides in 2011. Six years on and we finally see the fifth in the series.

The latest film in the series, number five in total, is called Dead Men Tell No Tales. Captain Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp in all five films, is thrust into an all-new adventure.

In the first of the films Capt. Jack Sparrow arrives as a Port in the Caribbean but is missing his ship and crew. Later that evening the same town encounters a pirate ship and the pirates kidnap the governor’s daughter played by Kiera Knightly. Elizabeth, the kidnapped daughter holds a valuable coin that is linked to a curse that can transform the pirates into the undead. Sparrow is joined by a blacksmith in saving Elizabeth from the pirate’s pursuit.

The lasts film has all the action of the past releases. It seems Sparrow come head to head with his old nemesis, the evil Capt. Salazar (played by Javier Bardem). Salazar, a Spaniard and officer of the Spanish Royal Navy was the captain of a warship. With his crew he murdered thousands of pirates. However a young Pirate named Jack Sparrow managed to outsmart him and lured him into the Devil’s Triangle where he was later killed.

The triangle has extra powers that meant Salazar and his crew were resurrected as the undead and worked to get revenge on Jack as ghost sailors.

“Pirates had infected the seas for generations. So I vowed to eliminate them all. And then, there was this boy, Jack Sparrow. He took everything from me… and filled me with rage.”

In total the film franchise to date has made over 3.7 billion dollars worldwide! Which makes it the 11th highest earning film to ever hit the screens. Over taken by Harry Potter, James Bond and Lord of the Rings but superseding Batman!

In time for the new release Paddy Power Bingo have created a bingo card, designed so you can watch films 1-4 and recap on the best of the series. Every time you see something on the cards on the screen cross off the box, first to get as line has a shot of rum!