Reusable Bag Storage

Reusable Bag Storage

I have traded plastic shopping bags for fabric but what kind of reusable bag storage can I use?  I found you cannot use the typical plastic bag storage systems because the reusable bags are a bit more bulky.  Granted, they fold down nicely, but they are still a bit thicker than the plastic grocery bags.  I was using a plastic bag to store them in, which I find highly ironic, but it didn’t work.  Lately I have been storing them in another reusable bag that I hung in the laundry room.  Even that was really bulky and took up valuable storage space for other supplies.  I even threw them into my trunk, but I kept forgetting they were in there!! Not sure what I could use and I have been looking for ideas on the internet.

Tote Buddy to the rescue!  When Julie realized she was continually forgetting to bring her reusable shopping bags into the grocery store, she decided to invent something that so far no one had thought of.  Julie wanted something that was stylish, sturdy and easy to carry.  With the help of her brother Edward, Julie developed the Tote Buddy, a completely brilliant idea for those of us who are trying to make a difference by treating our planet more kindly.  What Julie and Edward created was as important as the journey there.  This duo knew what they wanted and were not going to stop until they succeeded.  It is with that perseverance that the Tote Buddy is available today!

Carry Shopping Bags

Ok, so you want a way to carry shopping bags that are reusable.  What in the world do you use?  Well, the Tote Buddy of course!  This incredibly adorable and useful product makes taking your reusable shopping bags when you go shopping easy as pie.  I was given the pretty black and white Fleur de Lis Tote Buddy ($25.00) as well as the black reusable shopping bag ($3.50).  You can choose from 6 Tote Buddy designs ($14.97-$25.00) and 3 reusable shopping bags ($3.50-$6.00).  I love that I can throw my Tote Buddy into the front seat and grab it when I head into the grocery store.  This is a clever product that has been a long time coming! Thank you Julie and Edward for not giving up!!

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