Reusable Grocery Tote Bags

Reusable Grocery Tote Bag

With the trends leaning more and more to going green, an easy place to start is to use a reusable grocery tote bag when you shop.  One of the worst things you can do to the environment is to perpetuate and continue to use plastic grocery bags.  Not only do the bags stay in our landfills for hundreds of years, but if thrown into the wrong place, the openings can harm an animal by strangling it.  If you choose to shop with reusable bags, you need to find the right one.  I fell into the trap of buying a reusable bag from the discount store because it was only .50.  Well, after the seams came apart on my 3rd shopping trip, I felt even at .50, I was ripped off!  In order to make changes in your habits that are more eco-friendly, it needs to be worth your while or you won’t continue with your new habits.  The best thing to do is find a well-made reusable bag that is roomy enough to accommodate your needs.  This can be a bit trickier that you may think!

SnapSac is a forward thinking company that wants to protect our environment while at the same time, allowing you to do so in style!  SnapSac was designed with the consumer in mind, and they continue to listen to them today.  If you can’t provide a product that consumer feel secure in buying, then they won’t buy it and Snap Sac knows that.  SnapSac is a division of 1 Bag at a Time, Inc., which is a leader in the supplying of reusable bags to grocery stores, schools, businesses, libraries, governments and community groups.  While staying committed to their social and environmental responsibilities, all who work for this company are respected, treated and paid fairly and these are monitored to be sure there are no infractions on these vital issues.  It is a comfort to know I am buying products from a company that not only is selling me a solid and decent product, but that they adhere to the strictest of standards.  Please take a moment and like SnapSac on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Alternatives To Using Plastic Bags

If we are going to go green, we must find alternatives to using plastic bags.  Lisa Foster, the founder of SnapSac, has announced an exciting and limited edition line of reusable bags for the fall, called the Sarika Collection.  With the bold Paprika accent color, these new SnapSac’s ($4.99 each) will be available online at this month!  These totes are easily folded and stored and the small pocket can be used for coupons or other small items.  I really love that the SnapSac totes fold flat and can fit nicely in the trunk of the car so they are readily available when you need them.  I also use my SnapSac’s when I donate clothes or am bringing a meal to a neighbor.  I have used them to go to the lake and they are strong enough to hold all the supplies we need to have a full day in the water.  Since receiving the new Sarika SnapSac bags, I have put them through the wringer and they have stood up to the test and I am just glad to have finally found a product I have faith in that won’t burst open and spill my groceries all over the floor!

One reader will win a set of the new Sarika SnapSac reusable bags ($4.99 each).

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