Reusable Labels For Bottles

Reusable Labels For Bottles

If you have kids, I bet you would love to have reusable labels for bottles for your kids.   I have found if you live in an area where you have a large discount store nearby; kids tend to have the same bottles as their friends.  I have been to the park with my friends more than once and had our bottles mixed up.  The other issue I have found is using personalized stickers that come right off in the dishwasher.  I don’t know about you, but my kids will go through more than a few bottles every day, especially if they start out with juice and want water later.  They hate rinsing out their bottles; they would rather use new ones (again, never said I wasn’t lazy!!).  I knew there had to be a good compromise for what I needed and what was available.

There is the coolest company that makes all kinds of personalized labels, tags, storage and organizational items and seriously, more neat things than I can list.  If you can even imagine what the creative process must have gone behind such a necessary and vast collection of products for the home.  Founded in 2004, InchBug was a collaborative effort of parents who wanted to help other parents live more simply.  Their rubberized, non-adhesive and reusable Orbit labels are dishwasher and microwave safe and have revolutionized how parents label their kids drink bottles.  Their bag tags are laminated with quality plastic and have the design of choice on both sides, which is not easily found.  The tags can be used for backpacks, gym bags, lunch bags and so much more.  The possibilities are truly endless.

Bag Tag For Kids

Bag Tags For Kids

I am nuts about tagging things and love bag tags for kids’ stuff.  When Caitlin goes to church camp, I need to make sure all her items are labeled and the plastic bag tags ($4.95) are perfect for that.  I am not even going to try and list all the designs you can choose from; you will just have to do that yourself!!  What I love about these tags is how easy it is to identify your bags.  When you have a pile of duffel bags that all look alike, it is nice to spot them quickly with the InchBug tags. Another really great item InchBug offers are the allergy alert tags.  When I was teaching preschool, it was scary how easy it was to forget a child’s allergy and they are often too young to remind you.  A bright red allergy tag is imperative for keeping your children safe when they are away from home.   I was also given a set of the four Orbit labels ($12.95) for our drink bottle.  The Orbit labels come in a pack of four and you have 8 colors to choose from.  The font for all the Orbit labels is Comic Sans (my all-time favorite) and you can also add one of four icons to make your Orbit labels truly your own.

One reader will win a set of Orbit labels ($12.95) and one bag tag ($4.95) of their choice.

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