Reusable Sandwich Bags

Reusable Sandwich Bags

With the kids back in school, it is time to find reusable sandwich bags for their lunch.  Both of my kids are pretty good eaters, but we all know what the school lunches are like.  I visited Caitlin on the day they had their Thanksgiving lunch for parents.  The food was just as gross as it was when I was in school!  I do appreciate Caitlin for trying new foods, but when it is the mystery meat they serve at school, she isn’t very adventurous!  We have packed our lunch for the past few years and it makes me feel better knowing she is eating a balanced and nutritious lunch every day.  It can get expensive packing lunches and when you add in the plastic bags for the food, it can add up.

I have recently found a great company called eco•ditty™, who sells a variety of reusable snack, sandwich and lunch bags.  The bags from eco•ditty™ are made from 100% cotton and it is used on the inside as well as the out.  Not only are you keeping another plastic bag from being taken to the dump, you are also supporting our planet by using the cotton as well.  By using this type of bag you are also saving your body from the harmful chemicals found in plastic like BPA and PVC.  You can find these washable bags on the eco•ditty™ website.

Say No To Plastic

When you say no to plastic, you are helping to protect our planet.  By saying no to plastic, you are also protecting your body from the potentially harmful effects of chemicals found in plastic.  Caitlin loves to take her lunch in her eco-friendly lunch tote and her eco•ditty™ snack and sandwich bags.  We love the new Morning Dew print on the snack ditty™ ($8.99) and the wich ditty™ ($11.99).  The lunch ditty™ is the perfect size for you or your child to carry a healthy and nutritious lunch in!  I was very impressed with how well the eco•ditty™ products are constructed.  I have had other reusable bags that were not stitched very well and when I threw them in the washing machine, they began to unravel.  The ability to put them in the wash is a key perk and if you can’t do that, there is not a big reason to even use the reusable bag.  The eco•ditty™ holds up very well I the wash.  To dry, I just put the bags inside out on the end of the broom and mop and they dried just great.

One reader will receive a snack ditty™ ($8.99) in their choice of the Morning Dew or Fields of Pink design

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