Reusable Sandwich Bags

Reusable Sandwich Bags

I decided to find an alternative to Ziploc baggies with reusable sandwich bags.  We go through an absurd amount of baggies because we use them for just about everything. I pack snacks for trips to the park, organize art supplies in the larger Ziploc bags and I have even used them as an ice pack.  Although the Ziploc baggies don’t cost very much, their effect on the environment should be recognized.  Not only is plastic not recyclable but if plastic gets into the water, the creatures found there can swallow or be strangled by the plastic.  I know it doesn’t seem like much, but even changing from plastic zip lock bags to reusable bags, saves quite a lot of waste.

At the start of one school year, a group of Seattle moms realized between school and work lunches, they were using an average of 10 baggies per day!  Yikes!! As they were avid recyclers, they could not find a suitable solution to this particular issue.  By providing a reusable bag, not only are you saving the environment but you are saving more than $30 per year, which can buy a good number of snacks for the family.  So, these moms decided to create their version of a reusable snack and sandwich bag.  The ReUsies are 100% cotton, lined with leak-resistant nylon. They come with hook & loop closures that are kid-friendly and ensure that the food won’t fall out.

Fabric Food Bags

Who would have thought we would be in an era where we were using fabric food bags?  Certainly not me!  Granted it isn’t an earth shattering offering, but overall, it has a lasting effect on how we treat Mother Earth.  I was given one sandwich ReUsies which is 7.5” x 6” ($9.00) and the snack bag which is 6” x 5” ($7.00).  You have more than 20 designs to choose from; plenty for boys and girls and parents too!  Our sandwich bag is the cute strawberry pattern and the snack bag is the baseball theme.  The day we received the ReUsies, we went to the park and used both of the bags.  They are fantastic!!  We took yogurt and left over fried chicken strips.  When we returned home, we tossed the bags in the washing machine (turn them inside out so they are washed properly and the Velcro closure doesn’t stick to your clothes.  When the wash cycle completed, I just hung them on the mop and broom handles to dry.  In an hour, they were ready to be used again!!

One reader will receive one sandwich ($9) and one snack ($7) bag in their choice of pattern (based on availability).

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