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Reusable Snack Bags For Kids From Itzy Ritzy Sweepstakes

Reusable Snack Bags For Kids

So, I have been looking into reusable snack bags for kids for a couple of reasons.  In order to do my part in saving our planet, I know using reusable snack bags instead of plastic Ziploc bags will not only save me money but will also cut down on waste that cannot be recycled.  The other reason I like the reusable bags is because Henry really loves them!  I know it sounds funny, but my sweet almost 11 year old gets the biggest kick out of these snack bags!  I have said before that with his Autism, he doesn’t get excited all that often but when he does, it means he really, really likes the product.  He also gets a kick out of turning them inside out and cleaning them. To dry them, he hangs them on the broom handle in the laundry room!!  What is funny is the products I have reviewed that he really loved are the reviews that tend to do well with our readers!

I have used other reusable bags before but none as cute or well-made as those from Itzy Ritzy.  This totally awesome company mixes their love for our planet with their love for fashion for the family to successfully meld them together into some blow-your-mind products!   I think one of the biggest pluses is the colorful and fun prints on the 100% soft cotton fabric they use.  The Itzy Ritzy products have been seen being used by such Hollywood royalty as Angelina Jolie, Pink and Bradley Cooper in the Hangover II!!  Their products have been seen on The Today Show, Good Morning America and were featured in the May 2012 Parents magazine and have won numerous awards.  With their success in the USA, Itzy Ritzy are now being sold worldwide so those cool and hip parents can share in these cool and hip products!  I have not seen this before, but you can work with Itzy Ritzy for your fundraising needs.  Not only can you raise money for your scout troop, school or sports team, you can also educate your kids and your community about the importance of using reusable products.  How cool is that?

Wet Bathing Suit Bag

One of the products that I think is really innovative is the wet bathing suit bags Itzy Ritzy sells.  These bags come in medium ($17.95) or large ($21.95) and they are fantastic for your outings to the pool, lake, and beach or camping.  After the kids are done swimming, you just slip their wet suits in the Wet Bag until you get home!  How clever is that?  I am looking back to all those trips to the lake when I was rolling the wet suits in a towel and put them in my tote.  So not only are the suite wet, but the towels are wet and the tote is now wet!  Good grief!!  We were also thrilled to review 2 of the large Snack Happened bags ($12.99 each) as well as the 2-pack of the Snack Happened Mini bags ($9.99).  As you can see from the picture, Henry LOVES his skull bag (which by the way is not to be used by anyone but him!!) and I love the cute whales on my medium wet bag.  My friend came over recently and I showed her the bags and she said they were by far the well-made and cute bags she had seen.  As a single mom with 3 kids, one of whom is special needs like Henry, she knows about the importance of saving money by using reusable bags.

For our loyal readers, the awesome folks at Itzy Ritzy are offering you a 20% discount on any purchase.  Please us the coupon code: makobiscribe

One reader will receive a 2-pack Snack Happened Mini ($12.99) in their choice of pattern (depending on inventory)

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