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Are you looking to get into the world of Review and Giveaway blogging?  Maybe you are already a review and giveaway blogger who has come to a stagnant point or would like to kick your R & G blogging business into overdrive.  Whichever category you fall under, the R & G Mentor Program will benefit you.What this program can offer you:
Most established review and giveaway bloggers are self-taught, learning from their own mistakes and overcoming hurdles and challenges along the way.  Most likely, one thing they did not have to help them along was a mentor to give them proper direction.  The R & G Mentor Program will bypass all of the trials and errors that you would experience on your own and put you on the correct path with the least number of struggles.  One thing you should realize is that Review Bloggers are not solely doing it for free stuff.  Successful Review Blogging can be a full-time job, one that you can make an income at, if done correctly.This program will offer a new blogger a guide to becoming a successful review and giveaway blogger from where to start to working with companies and actually reviewing quality products.  For successful bloggers, learn how to make the most of your blog, tips and tricks to maximize your potential, monetize your blog effectively and establish relationships with brands for the long term.Your Mentors
Stacey of This Lil Piglet, Jennifer of Makobi Scribe, and Stacie of Simply Stacie are your mentors.  With a reach combined of over 2 million and established blogger/brand relationships, we do not claim to be experts.  We come to you as fellow bloggers and offer our knowledge, walking you through the process personally, as a way to become successful review and giveaway bloggers without making the mistakes we did.PROGRAM OUTLINE
What you get: 6 week program with a mentor (Stacey, Stacie or Jennifer) outlining the following:
  • Week 1:  Social Media Marketing &  Site Ranking – The how, where, why and how to increase these statistics.
  • Week 2:  Individual & Blog Branding – Learn why this is important, how to do it and how it can help you get the reviews/giveaways you are looking for.
  • Week 3:  Blog Outline & Design –  This is your “face” on the Internet. Learn how to layout an appealing blog for readers and brands.
  • Week 4:  Start Reviewing – Learn how to write a pitch letter, organize, run a giveaway & more.
  • Week 5:  Grow your presence – Learn how to grow your statistics in leaps and bound in a short time.
  • Week 6:  Monetize Your Blog & other perks of being a reviewer – Learn how to reap the fruits of your labor. Turn your blog into a source of income for your family as well as getting the products you want.
  • BONUS at completion of the program – Get a substantial blogger-friendly contact list, including several well-sought out contacts, get to be blogger of the week/month guaranteeing 400 GFC followers on Makobi Scribe, This Lil Piglet, or Simply Stacie.
  • $450 up front for full 6 weeks. If you would like additional support after the 6 week program is completed, it will be a $50 weekly charge.
  • Payment Plan Available:  $150 up front then $50/week for the 6 weeks of program.  If you would like additional support after the 6 week program is completed, it will be a $50 weekly charge.
  • $510 up front includes 6 week class, media kit -quick sheet, Ad button & blog button.

Ready to sign up?  Please submit payment, according to the prices chart above, via PayPal to stacey@thislilpiglet.net as a gift (or you pay the PayPal fees).  In the notes, please include a note your name and blog name and then fill out the form HERE.

* If you have any questions, please email me at jennifer@makobiscribe.com First class to start October 1st

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