Often underestimated, a dog’s oral hygiene plays a crucial role in their overall health and wellness. In fact, dismissing your pet’s gums, teeth, and surrounding tissue can lead to severe and potentially life-threatening medical conditions such as heart, liver, and even kidney failure. That’s why when it comes to dental dog products, many owners depend on Petlab’s dental formula to keep their pup’s breath fresh, gums healthy and teeth clean.

Simple to Use

If your dog hates having their teeth brushed, then this might just be the solution you’ve been waiting for. Ideal to use with uncooperative pups, Petlab’s Dental Formula couldn’t be easier to use. Simply add one teaspoon to 8oz of water, and your dog will go about drinking from their bowl without ever detecting a difference.

With a recent survey indicating that 70% of owners have never brushed their dog’s teeth, this could be just the formula dog owners need and the one their dogs never need to know about. Reduce tarter, fight plaque, and eliminate bad breath in as little as a few weeks. Developed using a unique solution, it only activates once reaching bacteria sitting in your dog’s mouth. It’s at that point the formula will release its benefits, and the effects will begin to transform your dog’s teeth and gums almost immediately. 

Effectively Treats and Manages Your Dog’s Oral Hygiene

It’s ok to love your dog, but not always love the smell of their breath. So, when dental sticks and mint-flavored treats no longer seem to do the trick, it may time to give this formula a try. Not only is it effective, but it also works fast.  Some owners even claim that it completely eliminated their dog’s bad breath after just the first two days of adding it to their water bowl.

It also works just as well when it comes to fighting against tartar and plaque sitting on the surface of your dog’s teeth. Trips to the dentist can be painful, and sometimes even involve procedures that require your dog to go under anesthesia. Rather than go through all of that trouble, Petlab’s Dog Dental Formula offers a safe, easy, and pain-free alternative that keeps your dog’s mouth healthy. Free of any sedation or expensive dentist bills, it won’t be long before you notice reduced staining, improved breath, and overall healthier looking teeth.

Made with Quality Ingredients

Similar to other Petlab products, this pet lab dental formula is made using quality ingredients so you can feel comfortable administering it to your pet. Free of any sugars, detergents, and other harmful additives, you don’t have to worry about any long-term negative effects.

Excellent Customer Service

Not only does Petlab provide quality products, but they offer quality customer service to match. Their associates are friendly, supportive, and attentive to any issues you might have. They also ship all orders in a timely manner so that you never have to wait too long, wondering when your package is going to arrive. 


Petlab’s Dog Dental Formula is an easy, pain-free, and cost-efficient way to manage your dog’s oral hygiene. Developed using quality ingredients, its simple to use and effectively works to prevent as well as protect against poor dental health. Far less expensive than emergency trips to the dentist, it’s a great way to keep your dog’s mouth clean, their teeth looking healthy, and their breath smelling fresh.