Ride On Toys for Kids

Ride On Toys for Kids

Recently I went hunting for ride on toys for kids that were appropriate for older children.  In my search, we found the standard plastic ride on toys for smaller kids or a standard bike for older kids with nothing in between.  My son, TheHenMan is almost 11 but he has trouble finding his balance which makes riding a standard bicycle almost impossible.  Yes, we could put training wheels on a bike, but at his age he would probably get teased.  TheHenMan has autism and balance issues are common with these kids because their center of gravity is different from ours.

In 2003, PlaSmart designed an innovative ride on toy they called the PlasmaCar.  The rider can “drive” themselves up to 6 miles per hour on a flat surface with no motor or foot power.  The unique aerodynamic design allows the rider to propel themselves by simply turning the -steering wheel.  What sets the PlasmaCar apart from other riding toys is that virtually everyone from toddler to grandparent can ride it.  The PlaSmart Company manufactures toys that are safe, affordable and can be assembled without the need for an engineering degree!

A Ride on Toy for Outdoors

When PlaSmart offered my family a PlasmaCar, a ride on toy for outdoors as well as indoors, I was very skeptical.  I was not convinced the car could be put together as easily as they claimed or that everyone in our family could ride it.  Well shame on me for doubting PlaSmart!  First of all, my kids put the PlasmaCar together in about 5 minutes and as soon as they got it assembled, TheHenMan took off like a pro!  I clapped proudly, yelling “Way to go buddy!  You are doing awesome!” to which TheHenMan turned and gave me the biggest grin.  Many children with autism do not often show emotion so if you are on the outside looking in, you wouldn’t be able to tell if  TheHenMan was happy, sad or mad.  The pure joy TheHenMan displayed from riding on the PlasmaCar is an enthusiastic endorsement for PlaSmart. I just wish my husband would have let me take a picture of him riding the PlasmaCar in the kitchen!!  LOL **Disclaimer** After TheHenMan saw his picture in this post and read there was a sweepstakes, he wanted me to tell the readers the giveaway prize is for the PlasmaCar and not the cute guy in the picture 🙂

Thank you to PlaSmart for giving one lucky winner a PlasmaCar.

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