The scenic beauty of lush green plains, lofty mountains or roadways with greenery on both sides is something special in Europe. The incredible beauty of forests and waterfall, a smooth ride through the mountains or the twist and turns of highways is magical and not worth a miss! Scenic road trips across different parts of Europe rejuvenates your soul and lets you spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. For people who seeks to escape from the hectic work schedule for some time and witness picturesque landscapes with your loved ones.

Travelling has become much more accessible and easy at the same time with the availability of flight tickets at discount rates, trains and buses. Some of the popular road trips across different landscapes in Europe(#RoadTripsofEurope)are as follows-

Trollstigen, Norway

If you are looking for a road trip across the winding paths of Norway, then the Trollstigen path in Norway is the ideal one for you. The impressive twists and turns coupled with the Stigfossen Waterfall is a mesmerizing view to look at. It is a one lane road which has been carved from lofty mountains and surrounded by stone walls. Ideal to travel in summer, the road attracts almost 2000 cars every year this during this season.

Ring of Kerry, Ireland

Circling the picturesque peninsula of Ireland, known as Iveragh peninsula, Ring of Kerry offers a memorable journey through the beautiful landscapes of this place. From forest to leafy uplands, swapping dry lands, beaches to fishing harbors- you can witness every type of landscape in this place. It is ideal to go during summer to cut out traffic and witness this beautiful landscape.

Spoleto to Norcia, Italy

Known for coffee and gelato, the traditional towns and beaches are a sight to simply stare at. The scenic stretch Spoleto and Norcia is a beautiful view that is not worth a miss! You can sample olives in Spoleto and take the idyllic hilltown before you hit the road in the idyllic hilltown and head towards Valnerina. You can also hop out of the car to get some fresh air in Norcia and visit the Benedictine monastery.

Route One, Iceland

The road trip across this path is in the bucket list of many people. Considered to be one of the best scenic trips of Europe, this is a personal favorite of mine. From geysers that erupt boiling water, volcanoes, lava fields, Blue Lagoon, waterfalls- the spectacular route is a must do for people who love road trips. This road trip requires stop offs, photo opportunities that are along the way. Enjoy at stop at every destination to let the true essence of nature soak in your nature. Best to travel in July or August, the route becomes treacherous at other time of the year.

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