Keep Kids Busy During Winter Break

Keep Kids Busy During Winter Break

I have been looking for things to keep kids busy during winter break.  I received a box from Kiwi Crate that had a robot theme, which was a fun and easy craft for kids to do.  Kiwi Crate is a monthly craft subscription for kids 3-7 that is designed by parents and tested by kids.  When you get a box from Kiwi Crate ($19.95) per month), a lot of love, energy and effort went into your box.  Each box contains everything you need to complete your craft and each box is coded with the development areas that box exhibits.  So for instance, you may get a box with fine motor, creating and discovering.  For the kids, they think they are just having fun, but we parents know they are learning and developing all at the same time.  For an additional $7.95 per month, Kiwi Crate can include enough materials for a sibling to enjoy. How smart and awesome is that?  Here is the robot craft we received this month:

My A-Mazing Robot

Robot Craft Ideas For Kids

Materials Needed:

  • Small metal box
  • Magnetic wand or any larger magnet will work.
  • Small wooden block that will sit on top of the metal box
  • (4) Small craft sticks
  • Small stick on foam pieces
  • Markers
  • One piece of cardboard
  • (3-4) clothes pins
  • Maze sheet(s), which you can draw yourself or trace


  1. Using your markers, decorate the wooden block which will be the robot’s head
  2. Stick the wooden block to the metal box with one of your sticky foam pieces
  3. Decorate and stick the craft sticks onto the robot’s body.  These will serve as the arms and antennae.
  4. Take your maze and attach it to the cardboard with the clothes pins.
  5. Place your robot on top of the maze at the starting point.  Place the magnetic wand underneath the robot and slowly guide the robot to the finish line!!



  1. These robot packages for kids seem to be interestting. During winter and bad weather kids really need then and they’re a challenge too!

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