Eco-friendly Baby Shower Gift Idea

Looking for a great eco-friendly baby shower gift idea? Go Green with Rockin Green! Rockin Green is one of our sponsors for the Go Green event. This detergent is safe for the environment and your family. Rockin Green is dye free, no enzymes or optical brighteners, 100% Phosphate free, Vegan, and no fillers. It doesn’t get much better then that! It is perfect for babies and those with sensitive skin.

Eco-friendly Detergent Safe For Cloth Diapers

I have been a 50/50 cloth diaper user with both of my girls. I have just chosen a eco-friendly detergent as my local store and it has just been “ok”. I started doing some research online and came across Rockin Green. I was excited when they offered to send me some samples. As soon as they arrived in the mail, I put 3 table spoons in my washer with my cloth diapers and soaked them for a few hours, followed by a normal wash cycle. There was a dramatic different in the cleanliness of my diapers! I was absolutely thrilled! I decided I had to wash more then just my diapers; I was yet again thrilled!

Rockin’ Green is even suggested to use for more than just diapers and clothing. It even works at getting out those nasty carpet stains, pet stains, cleaning pillows, kids toys, the floor, carseat covers, and pretty much anything that needs a good cleaning!  It can even used in the dishwasher, of course you must use the right portion.

Rockin’ Green is sold for your needs; soft rock, classic rock, and hard rock, all ready to rock your dirt and grim. They are sold in unscented and scented:smashing watermelons, rage against the raspberries, Motley Clean, Earth Wind and Orchids, Lavender Mint Revival, and Mighty Mighty Marshmallow. As Sample Remix ($.85) Bundle Remix ($22.95), 45/90 Remix ($14.95), and 90/180 Loads Remix ($26.95). Get cleaning with Rockin’ Green.

Great Eco Friendly Gift Ideas For Baby Showers

Here are more eco-friendly detergent ideas and safe cloth diaper detergent ideas which would be great to pair with a wet bag or hanging wet bag and a cloth diaper cover for a great baby shower gift idea.

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